Thursday, May 31, 2007

dug all these out from my archives :) thai exchange trip 2005 i think haha. we had such a blast and of course made several unbreakable bonds and friendships that remains till this day. gosh i miss those guys :) as i say these photos are ancient hahah

me and butt butt IKEA rendezvous, and i realised all the money spent today is on food tsk tsk
and zel here force me to a chicken wing with her D: kick zel AND YES YOUR 3 fingers are horrrrt la ! hahaha anyways.. ikea is so the very vey HEN pack. i felt like sardines O_O and im full from lunch at ikea. so im skipping dinner. smart me hahaha. oh wells tennis ON tommorow :D and yes i met sabrina today haha

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

harppie 20th burfdae to shoe shoe i LURVE YOU worxzxzxzxzxxzxzzx

LAO ZHA BOR hahahahaha

hello world :)

mom gave me the green light to travel out of town :D
so hopefully we all do manage to go in the end PRAYS HARD******* very HARD***
ning mon has tennis lessons on friday instead :) and catching shrek 3 with sab. and out of randomness i just ate mangosteens AGAIN

cherine: i hope your fine you know?. D:

momma what is it like to be loved?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

TADAH :D well you asked for it hahah

Saturday, May 26, 2007

see my tan its darn it gross eww eww eww (shivers in disgust) eww ewww anyways im quite pissed at myself during tennis cause i so the freaking the hell dont know wad im trying to do and what the fuck hit 3468473948827394 balls over the dumb cage :(
sigh anyways i had so much junk this week like double fillet o fish and Ben and Jerrys tsk me. fat die me hahhaa but oh wells . once ina blue moon and i find great fun in thumb wrestling with naidia. cause i always win :D haha and MINUM AND MAKAN IS SO CUTE :D hahaha Ning is tired and full and wants to talk to cherine online so she will say bye now


Friday, May 25, 2007

there is something really wrong with me, whyhavent i been sleeping well,and why do i have freaking complicating dreams,its not fun to plan to go to bed at 1 and eventually falling asleep at 4 instead. it drains the energy out of me. i hate the way im feeling now.i hate the way im living my life

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

harloe world :D
i had such a time last night
met mf :D and we had ice cream at B and J the past part we had 5 scoops of ice cream hur hur

2-new york super fudge
3-peanut butter cup
4-strawberry cheesecake
5-berry berry extraordinary sorbet
( ning mon is happy and VERY full and did i say hyper from sugar rush??/ HYYYPPPPEPPEPRPRPRPPRPPRPRPRPPRP until :D)

rar and i came home and ate a double fillet O fish meal
DIE............ shakes head**** DIE......... fat die me ...................................

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

For monica, who told me to count my peas on my plate and be the kid who i truly am :D
Hey,you know you're gonna live
to find another day,
It's just today things aint so good
Get yourself back again,
You've got so much love
That you can't afford to lose

Saturday, May 19, 2007


1-i met my butt after so long. and that itself made me glad for the whole day
2-i managed to have my sybway sammy - turkey breast with cheese on wheat extra vegetables with honey mustard and sweet onion
3-I had 2 watermelon soya bean milk LESS sugar :D
4-and finally I HAD TENNIS TODAY!!! and yes diane we shall pair up with each other and push each other from now on and i bet your hands are like paralyzed now huh ? hahaha

so lets see we learnt

cant wait for the next lesson to start back hand !! HERE WE COME :D next sat kallang 12-2( eff going to be damn hot )
:D im all smiles today for once im entertained

and for tennis i shall have this post in YELLOW BRIGHT BRIGHT YELLOW-GREEN!

Friday, May 18, 2007

WORKS BEEN A BORE like whats new tsk. But im looking forward to tennis lessons tommorow, see my new orange and red baby? :D So my sis bought be gummies and i especially love the purple and transparent gummy worm :D addicitive mommy stewed bird's nest last night feel so SUPLLEMENTED ya thats the word. and i saw a BIG snail and watched my cats eat yea thats abt it. sad life aye :(

oh wells
and i havent met butt in more than a week thats a record :( sigh . makes me depressed you know

Thursday, May 17, 2007

What do i like ?

lets be random it churns out surprisingly small details :)

I like to wake up undisturbed
I like to talk random on msn with STl
I like to open the fridge and seeing a box of apple juice sitting there
I like to buy someone cheescake
I like to love someone more than i love myself
I like to see how the flakes in a snowglobe fall
I like to see old people holding hands
I like to see my grades go up high
I like to die for someone i love so much
I like to see my dad watching tennis on televison
I like to see my best friend happy always
I like to run in the middle of the night
I like to watch my cat eat
I like to see someone smile
I like to watch Nadia grow
I like to fall in love
I like to watch my grandmother cook
I like to be someone next time
I like to be me
I like to be only me


dare to be different people. say what you like say what you want

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

another ditch in the road you keep moving
another stop sign you keep moving on
and the years go by so fast
wonder how i ever made it through

im telling you my friend you can pull through no matter what happens. your strong and you know it dont let your fears keep you in.

and i swear ill be there for you.
and much more to come
and if you say no one loves you, don't forget i still do, keep on fighting dear one :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

say hi to miao miao THE LITTLE TIGER :D
who survived getting poisoned(whoever did this is a prick and ill rip his head off)
but his all better now :D his a fighter as i said

meeting tofu in 2 hours!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

SO CUTE RIGHT!!! the net CHURNS out so many nice photos! :D
anyways HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my BLOG :D
a year of random nonsense and output of happiness sorrows joys tears fears yearns wants and needs :)

i say blogging is essential :)
FOR CHERINE random photo :D I replenished the egg tray!! WOOOOS!!!!!
okay im too random and for a month im shutting myself from social life . NO movis NO fancy dinners.NO drinks NO parties and for this week im only going out on wednesday :( all for tennis. DUMB DUMB DUMB!! ARGH!H!HH!H!H!H!H!HH!H!HH!

OH YA did i say i hate PLANTA(chemical FORTIFIED white rat killing cheapo atrery clogging vegetable FATTIFIED margarine IRK!!! :( ) someone SUE PLANTA

:) oh wells im happy. well actually not really cause work had been unproductive mundane and draggy :( OH WELLS at least Cherine's entertaining me so much with the VIDEOS :D

LAUGH DIE ME hahahaha and im craving for choco loco :P
choco loco in my toco with me cheeko in my socko ( ok eww)
and I DO actually want to try setting a barbie doll on fire ( sweet) hahah okay enough randomness before i suggest coming up with 1000 things to do when you are bored

and for one last time TAKE ME BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

i had a pork bun for breakfast and lunch. :D its nice

but it was so juicy that it spurted all over my T / whatever pau

i sit and wonder

what will happen if i fall in love ? and i bet things will be so much different will i neglect things and whom i care for now ? will it take my time off from those who i spend for now? for now i really don't know.I'm someone who gets distracted so easily. will someone new distract me from someone i concentrate now. I'm contented caring for someone. but i wonder when is it my turn? to be cared for

i sit and wonder will i fall in love ?

Friday, May 11, 2007

hello :D im seriouslt bored( and feeling random) and still complaining so much about my mundane life( so out of good grace i came out with NING's guide to curbing a mundane life) 100 rules to make your life much more interesting :D

100-Look yourself in the mirror and say Hello 10 times
99- count the notes in your wallet
98-take the notes out and do origami(i suggest cranes)
97-Steal your sister's lettuce to make a salad and leave a total of 4 leaves for her
96- watch tv programmes i suggest lame ass cartoons like UNTALKATIVE BUNNY
95-Polish the eggs in the fridge
94-Pick a fight wih the neighbour's kids
93-Take out your crayons and start freestyling on your walls
92-Sit in one corner and think of reasons of explainations to your mom about vandalised walls
91-Look through old picture archives and pick out embarrasing childhood photos
90-Go to your garden and catch butterflies

89-Terrorise your cat(try giving it a shower)
87-adopt a PET rock ( and call it ROCKY)
86-Count sheep 1 sheep....2 sheep....3 sheep.....4 sheep.....
85-Flip through Teengae magazines and pick out all the LOSER ads and layouts you can find
84-Go for a swim in your pond
83-book an appointment with your doctor due to pond SCUM poisoning
82-On and Off your fan 30 times
81-Take out your yellow pages and call 45 random people and say I LOVE YOU
80-Go sky diving

79-Watch high school musical on your computer for the 20th time
78-Learn a new song
77-sit on your swivel chair and turn round and round till you puke
76-Go take a shower
75-Complain about your life to a cardboard
74-freeze gummy bears and throw them at your cat
73-If you have a barbie doll set it on fire
72-Eat 2 packet of super rings
71-Think where yould you be if you actually passed your math
70-contemplate if you want to go downstairs to make a milo dinosaur to drink

69-Eat durian 3 packet if possible
68-Listen to hilary Duff's this is what dreams are made off 50 times
67- im actually hearing it yet i don't realise :D
66-Sing to your computer
65-start running away if the computer sings back at you
64-imagine yourself skinny dipping in the bahamas(scary thought)
63-START YOU-TUBING it kills time so well
62-Go for french manicures
61-stand at your balcony and sprinkle glitter downwards
60-Imagine yourself being a fairy

59-Attempt to bake a cheesecake
58-than realise its so much simpler to get a sara LEE to start with
57-Lift those weights to build up arm muscles
56-Find garden snails and throw salt at them muahahahha
55-Go to your neighbours house and borrow sugar
54-sugar for what? act desperate housewives living at wisteria lane
53-Wash your dad's car
52-Listen to MIKA's songs OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER
51-LAST 2 suggestions of the day
50-LAST ONE :D!!!( hahaha not counted i know)

49-Reorganise your mom's LEE KUM KEE sauce collection according to A-Z
48-sdrawkcab epyt ot woh nrael
47-Steal your dad's highlighter collection
46-Learn how to moonwalk
45-impersonate elvis in the mirror
44-think what's for tommorows dinner
43-watch SHE'S THE MAN for the 50th time
42-Call your aunt and say ( hoi at home or not) when you obviously called her house number
41-decieve yourself in believing having prata at 2 am is okay
40-Go for prata at 2 am in the morning

39-weigh yourself in the morning and call yourself a stupid for eating prata hahahah
38-Make a monster out of discarded foam
37-sucking too high on a lollipop but love's gotta get you down
36- Think of having ice blended soya milk with pearls haha
35-Lust over the polo ralph lauren shirt you want to buy
34-Read spongebob magazine!! and do al the useful activities inside hahah
33-Drag your sis bowling
32-attempt to clean the pond at your house after 2 years
31-Help your dad pick rubber seeds from the nearby cemetry
30-Go to your kitchen and fry koropoksss

okay a lot of photos right :D makes me happy . and for cherine i shall make this post and see my interesting lunch of salad and TOU miao (:. AND YES the BLOODY entertaining spongebob maggy that dorcas gave me. you can see they included comics and learn how to draw spongebob segements and free poster :D oh so entertaining hahah OH ya look at the dustbin . my dad scribbled our house number all over it cause our 2 previous dustbin got stolen ( doh!) who steals dustbin damn ! ANGRY! and one sky photo just for SO THE LOVE(cherine) haha. i can't wait to start tennis i swear excited out of my pants . and I'm still entertaining myself so much :( sad case no life

rainbow twisties=gay pride? hahaha(random so much random)

i tried to make this long but seriously i have nothing else to write you know :(

i shall count

1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10... okay im bored now bye world :D
i miss going to school back in the secondary school days

where i never worried about anything other than studies :)
life was tranquil then
but THIS is the real world guess i just have to live with it

oh ya did i say MIKA's new album is real good :D
and yes i can't wait to learn tennis with you !! hahah

AND i owe TOFU subway and ICY pearly soya milk :) next wednesday ar don't back out! haha

my momma's rushing me for dinner urgh :(
bye world .................. FOR NOW

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

yawns* life's been such a drag for so long. and the only reason i'm working now is i want to pay for tennis lessons :( .

why do i feel OH so bored of life all of a sudden (i'm not suicidal I swear)
i just want something new.

new friends, new adventures,new learnings,new loves what so ever i want to be entertained

ENTERTAIN ME :( cause im too used to entertaining myself
biggie sigh ..

Sunday, May 06, 2007

the thought of being able to learn tennis in 2 weeks is making me estatic :D

I LOVE SO THE LOVE cause she entertains me OH SO MUCH :D

and i so sinned with cheesecake,tiramisu,fishy and chips and fondue swoons**** with the marshmallows that cherine oh so love :D! haha and yes cherine SMACK THAT!!! and cursed starhub id. thingy at coffeebean! RAR!!!

new assignment!! thanks to calvin save me from eteranl boredom :D and yay coffee with cherine in 17 minutes :D