Monday, July 31, 2006

IM BORED AGAIN!!! no its just my hobby to use microsoft to do funny things .. hahah anybody wants their names done too?? tag me on my board haha

Sunday, July 30, 2006

I WAS BORED its 1.12am and i haf nothing to do so i decided to do this! hope u all like it!!!
ok im waiting for time to past.. apparently i woke up around 4 30 pm today and miss shihui called asking me to join mean and her for dinner , and for once my mom said go ahead without any further questions!! haha so THE FIRST TIME!! so 6 at WINTERRISE (sommerset) ok they want to go to v i lage .. nice place nice food!! haha. so do check it out. met mea first yesterday SHE WAS EARLIER THAN ME gasp** haha no la she comes on time too!!! had lunch at
NEW YORK NEW YORK the new restaurant at citylink mall, prices restaurant prices, food not as good as i expected namely the pasta was overdone, the tomato sauce too runy and meat balls tasteless.. mea agrees with these facts too! but overall it was ok.. nothing reallie special... met sh later that evening and she made me and mea wait for 1 and a half hour!! almost died!!!! N i won the bet !!! yay!! hahah!!! details with me! hahah haha IM the WINNER mean the LOSER haha!!! nice dinner nice people.. and nice supper (nicest in a looong time :))))) ) so its 5 now hafta go wash up and scoot down update soon .. god bless!

happy 1+2+3+4+5-2!!!! :))))))

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

TODAY THE GATES OF HELL OPEN!!!!! its the start of the hungry ghost festival

so people out there a word from me to you do not stay out to late, and if your grandma or mom gives you a talisman for divine protection dont hesitate to accept it. and REMEMBER not to step on any offerings!!! .... (just a word of caution from me)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

hey all!!! my long absence from blogging has ended.. so sorry to all that my tag board was accidentaly deleted by me. but now its up again so start tagging.. ok lets see .. loads of homework to complete, loads loads and oile loads.. try desperately to finish everything by 2 weeks... can i do it?? YES I CAN!!! hahah ok so things to look forward too

1) NAFA day out at tanjong beach
2)15 month
3)for school to reopen hahaaha

ok first and foremost hope sharon is having fun in macau playing with her DAMN CUTE doggie hahaha. and sam nice shades!! and alif dont oversrtess during dance.. DRINK GATORADE it is scientifically proven to enhance your performance.. yaDAH DAH DUH!!! WAD only hahah.... but avoid red bull because of high sugar content hahah!!!

to my babefiedfanatstic rocks my flowerpowersocks miss cherine...................................................

. so hope you are doing fine!!!! hahah hopefully yur new partner in crime or simply BF is treating you right hahah.. trust he will !! hahaha remeber to call me out aft Os!!!!!

ok so my life has been preety boring so far hahah.. but had fun with my classmates and also to

shihwee:::: HELLO!!! YOU STILL REMEMBER ME YOUR RANDOM FRIEND?? YOU SEEM TO HAF TOTALLY FORGOTTEN ABOUT ME!!!!!! just to let you know i am still existing in this realm of life hahaha

and to special people team mates of chiherras.. we had a hell out of a good run at diva la futbol managed to enter quater finals with
1) NO COACH(mr pickle jar is fired!!)
4)With only 7 members compared to teams like vj who had 20!!

so to you soccerific gils out there thanks for the great time during all the matches and hope to meet up to play more football!!!

she brings out the best in me :))))

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

me back at blogging! ha today is a short day relatively short had history today, and saw some of my classmates doing their presentations. and to ardithi good job ok!! hahah. ok apparently next week is our turn and we are all freeking out!! hahahha but we will do well!! we better haha!. so i met yu oi today for lunch at little india had thosai with her!!! i miss her soooo much !! i mean reallie seriously a lot!!! she was so psyched !! its been ages since i ate thosai with her! so glad to see her again!so hope to see you again !! uve been missed haha!!!

cherine----- someones attached!!!! haha and i know who!!! haha tell me all the itsy teeny weeeny details ok!!!! love ya babes!! hahah take care

shihui------ hello why never call me out!!!! bumster!!!

alif------ hey alif . hope you are doing fine these few days ok?? remember we will get thru rough times.. and yes god bless to you too..

sha---- dont know wad ill do without u and the rest of the fstarkers.. thanks for all the support ok?? so appreciate it!!!

ok than ill update soon...

**** the 1000 watt smile i miss so much****

Saturday, July 01, 2006

FSTARKERS AHAIL!!! pics in my sis lap top show u guys on mon!!