Tuesday, May 30, 2006

today is WOW!!!! some orientaion thingy for nafa!! hahaha so now its like almost 1 am just came back from east coast and all..!!! hahahah brought for dinner. had like a hell out of a day today.. boring talks and all.. trying to meet new friends hahah!!! well did lah nice bunch of pple and allfirst and foremost congrats to miss rox my socks cherine for going through her paper at ease haha!! take a break ok!! u deserved it!! hahah im also damn full cos went to eat at east coast with boss and ordered like a lot of food!!!! and in the end she could not finish so i had to help her!!! hahahah!! well and also good luck to shihui and mea for their mid years study hard hahah.. don fight too much!! haha i cant wait to start school also next week ! yay yay!1 haha but im kinda of worried of the food sold in bugis cos the wan ton mee thingy that i ate was horrible to the beyond of time la!! hahah it was like dehydrated or something and my jaws had to exercise a lots lots... can like cut the noodles into cubes and eat it la! hate wan ton me should not have ordered it!! haha and btw i kind of skipped nafas disco party hahah!!!! naughtie naughtie me haha.. who freaking cares i know i dont!!! but nafa was good enough to give us a free t shirt so now im a certified 100% freshie of nafa!!! yay me again !!! clap* clap*!!!..ok i need a shower and my sis needs the comp ....

bye alll...

Sunday, May 28, 2006

im BIONIC!!! u know why!! cos i bowled like 5 games of bowling today!! haha well not exactly 5 games more like 4 and 3 quatera haha cos my arm was like freaking breaking like its going to break off any moment like my veins were like trying to deny me of fresh blood to my arm haha
my sis was like my thumb is turning purple!!! hahhaha ok first i want to wish all those taking MT paper tommoro namely CHERINE WEE!!! shahida and Isma haah good luck peeps!! do your best haah!!! ill be backing each and every one of you!! hahah ok yesterday hmm what did i do yesterday?? hmm yes i went for my dental appointment!! haha was suffering on the chair la!! haha especially when doctor Guna was poking my gums i was like owww owww owww haha now ive got pearly whites!!! haha and i went to meet miss shihui at like 11 30 plus.. she was complaining that she was hungry and we went to eat some cheena noodle haha.. and in exchange of buying her fabric paint.. she was gracious enough to buy me ONE fishball haha and a cuppa of barley! hahah ( THANKS ) hahaha . then it was off to the durianated esplaneade wher we met MEA and yvonne and geraldine right?? hahahah they decided to be all good girrls and study MATH MATH!! (math is a wonderful thing)(math is a really cool thing) my freakin arsand shihui and mea were like tearing each other apart!and i was like stuck haha!! and AMELIA HERE KEEP ON BLAMING ME FOR TAKING THE WANG! WANG! haha i brought me cammie along so they decided to take photos haha at e rooftop ( i suggested FHM style ) but they werent keen hahah!!!! joking joking than they were going on that they look like fillipino maids posing hahah it was ABSOLUTELY hilarious!! hahah so they decided to gang up on me to waste my camera memory and take a hell number of pics can!! hahah well i had fun and (harpie burfdae to shoe shoe nators) nice food haha wierd friends haha except selceted people!!! haha joking joking!!! ok than im happy reallie i am..!!!! ( p.s shihui remember to practice your ELLLE--FANT !! ) hahha a

Friday, May 26, 2006

im so freakineee tired my butts aching my hands aching!!!.... haha went to sp to play badminton after so looong hahha!!! saw ade today!! hahhhaha so happy and cyn and michael and another guy hahah!!!! sp is damn huge can!!!! from one end to the other just walking is already tiring enough!!!wierd school!! cos ots gigantornomous!!! hahahah well had fun today real real fun .. but im too rusty la.. too long never touch my raquet my badminton bag was covered in dust!! hahhaha !!!! thats like ages already and my shoes are like going to be mouldy any moment!!! hahh anyways agenda tommoro DENTAL APPOINTMENT!! argh!! hahha no la doctor guna is a nice person! hahaha!! so im not afraid!! well the only worry is i have no one to accompany me!!! im so lonnellie mr lonelieee im on meee owneeee OOOOOOOO>>>>>> WTF...... im aching totally everywheree... aching ass ... hahahha ill be nice for once haha....

ill count you to sleep too..... :)))))))

Thursday, May 25, 2006

haha miss shihui asked me to blog about her so this paragraph will be all bout her and all her crowning glory!! miss fimbo(secret name) everyone wants to ber her friend hahah .. but im her only secret buddy (yay me!!) haha well shihui you are like a pop star too popular can!!! hahah well she is me best bud and also miss fashionista guru !! my problems are hers and vice versa so i will be watching her back!! so anyone who thinks of laying a speck of dust on her will get a knuckle sammie from me!! haha well see you soon fimbo! treat u to lunch or something.. haha i still owe u your donation! hur hur!!!(boring day , think i have a headache cos i stayed at home) blah...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

i miss someone :(((like soo much.. well time aint on myside but i really appreciated the times .. smile smile**** ill be here if you actually need me ok? (no mes amore)

this could be the start of something new it fells so right to be here with you and now looking in your eyes i feel in my heart ,the start of something new.
ive SINNED LIKE TOTALLY SINNED!!! SOb Sob.... sniff sniff.. you know why!! cause i ate (TE KAH!!!(pigs trotters) sob sob.. all the sinful fats and calories swivelling in my stomach ..i must be like britney spears do like 1000 sit ups hahaha !!!! well hmm who cares lah it tasted nice anyway!! hahah .. went to this wierd looking cafe called some world apart cafe... i tell you first I WARN ALL OF YOU!!! dont goo there!!! like seriously !!! FOOD SUCKS!! hahaha i orderes this mushroom thingy called mushroom monster(SUCH AN ORIINAL NAME) my foot!! haha it was like 3 portebello mushroom with tomato cheese and ham !!! SOUNDS NICE RIGHT!! but looks can be decieving ! it was like shrivelled up can!!! it was like the guy exumed it out from a grave or something and the ham!! ( cheopo picnic ham) like BAKWA!!! or shall i say like leather! can literally collect like 20 of the dried up ham and make it into a belt. and a wallet!! hahaha ! so be warned!!!! but boring day.. was marvelling at monicas new PSP .. haha so NICW AND NEW AND WHITE!! HAHAHA i want one too!!!! scream* scream* hahaha .. haha and also an OFFICIAL WELCOME TO MY BLOG MISS CHERINE!! hahahah Yay!!! FIRST customer!! help me advertise my blog ok?? i give you advertising fees!! hahah yay!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

CONGRATULATION FANTABULATION!!! to miss cherine,TOEFOO and yvonne for getting 2nd in joga futsal!!! powerpuff girls ( what a name) hahah well from my voice to you i am so ultra PROUD of you all!! hahahaha like totally.. wait was the weather cold or breezy or something?? if not how did cherine survive if it was hot?? haahah !!! kidding! but anyway great great.. so ENG!!! haha and to ABL congrats for the top spot yea? u trained hard for it haha.. so cherine remember to repay my kindness for attempting to try to teach you how to dribble the ball!! hahahahha ok than leave your prints at my tag board!!
I TELL YOU FIRST !!!! blogging is difficult like who was supposed to know how to change the templates and all!! GOSH!! (cherine how did you do it? care to tell ME!!) hahah well any ways after much WHINING from miss fantastibulasticalified MISS cherine at looooong last i decided to get one hahah and with A LOT!!!!! of help from my sister this morning at 1am!!! meddling with this blog.. i would declare this greenie looking blog MINE!!! ALL MINE!!! *CUTS RBBON**POP CHAMPAGNE*KISS BABAIES*(president propaganda stuff) hahah ok enjoy yea?? and cherine LINK ME TO YOUR BLOG!!!