Sunday, September 30, 2007

the past week had been hell for me not only did my study room crashed on me( literally, everything my com printer internet is all down) i had to finish 2 months of work in one night which somehow i manage to accomplish the impossible.I got locked out of my house for 5 hours and i ended up sleeping on cardboards on the floor . on the brighter note, my cousin willy is now wed :) congrats may you be a happy groom hahaha, and we won our first football game 3-1 :D to redhill rangers.i went partaying at mos which is much much fun :)
woooo time for more assesments woes to come GEAR UP PEOPLE!!!

and i settled mine :)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

im sorry dearest
i will step away
slowly but surely
i never wanted to see you cry
please don't cry
you will be happy i know
don't take it on yourself
thats the last thing i want to see you do

i shouldn't have started.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

first A of the term and hopefully more to come :)
the black and white is for vaseline
the nice colored one is for lego's child safety
shoes leaving today :(((((((((((((((((((((((
makes me kinda sad,
its like losing a leg
it's not going to be fun staying home anymore :(
and no one more random outings for me
one year without life support will be so crazy
with the constant troubles and woes
and no one at home to share it with
drats this feeling isnt fun,
and missing someone close is so tough.
especially someone you love so dear.
doing the dishes will not be fun anymore
so is grocery shopping.
and barbies and steamboats won't be constant anymore
and mom is going to give me a fucking hard time now.
it's so hard to say goodbye
but i know shoes will do fine, and study really hard.and come back and be great

i will be real emo for a few days people.
don't blame me just let me get used to it.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

hello world ;D
oooo i gave Cherine a scare by changing the blogskin :)
and yes cherie i cannot figure out the html :D thats why the skin i chose was some preset thingys :)
i need proffesional help soon hahah!!!
well anyways we tied our game 0-0 with S.A.S
got such a scare cause i almost let in a goal thank god for titi tell you :)
and yea im full so ill make this entry short.
shoess leavin gon tuesday :(
im having tennis on monday :D
and schools reopening soon enough :)
i woke up with aching feet
im still stuck on wizard angst
itunes radio turner is very entertaining :) well then buhbye

i married a martian( some random song title) hahaha

Thursday, September 20, 2007

for you people :D WATCH AR!!! hahahah potter puppet pals

heylow everybody :D
my sistax is leaving on the 25th instead,cause of visa problems and we are going for a nice nice meal tommorow :)
and traveling from boonlay home is such a chore, and it is VERY VERY VERY obvious training will clash with my school time table, as starting from next week i knock off school at 9pm HOW NICE :(
but our new home ground is pretty darn neat :) NING LIKE :D and seriously diving on faux grass is so painful and i have many many friction burns so i say time to invest in goal keeping gear :) alright ummm, im so tired right now and potter puppet pals is ringing in my head

snape snape....
ron ron..
harry potter..harry potter..

YOUTUBE this words( potter puppet pals ticking) haha

oh wells good night world :) im so full after banana prata and damn i have one more assesment to submit :C and i havent started on it christ..

AND MY PHOTO- just imagine my cat saying LET ME DOWN NOWWW!!!!! to my sister haha

how how how????? like u many many how???

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

looky looky here :D
blogger is still not on my side, but i did change my blogskin after so long :)
i am having my measly holidays now with one more assesment to submit. football's been crazy as usual and the whole team is getting injured more and more after every game to start getting kicked or ball hitting faces yadaa yadaaa. Oh school's been fine and my sistax is leaving for uk like soon :( ( no one will help me fold me clothes anymore) SADZXZXZXZZ
alright shower time :) anne's picking mua up for lunch

monica told me this yesterday: Smurf's are all gays cause there is only one female smurf living among men,god knows what the men do to each other

ponder people ponder :D

ok love you many many too :)
and let me show u some love my cousins and freinds gave to my macbook haha

Saturday, September 01, 2007

hello my blog is dead :D