Wednesday, June 28, 2006

ok first and foremost!!! i haven been updating.. and school has been a whilrlwind!!! loads loads loads tons tons truckloads wadever loads of freaking mutated homework and ASS singnments... trust me you wont want to me right now!!! and also ive been sick as in reallie reallie sick these 2 weeks.. killed like 23456327392 trees to supply the tissue papers throughout my painful and sufferable ordeal. and also to fstarkers thanks for tolerating my trumpet noises and elefanted trunked cough i know they are freaking loud! so appreciate u guys !! as i said love u guys to smothered up cookie dough and whip cream sundae hahahah....

ok so first and foremost

shihui >>>> dont be too worked up ok??? ill try to help u as much as possible just give me a tinkle anytime.. and good luck for you chem paper also

cherine>>>>> I MISSS YOU TOO MUCH!!! HAHAHAHAHA just hope Os will be freekingly over soon and all than can invite you over for steam boat!!! haha.. no this time shld haf bbq~!!!!!! hahah so i see you haf loads of SSS stories to tell me!! anyways talk soon babe!

so now lets see.... hmmmm scanscanscan..... homework due basic drawing.... damn damn ... lines lines lines...... photography report damn damn damn.... life screws everything hahaha..

i quote life is like a vacum cleaner it sucks!!!!! tmr is thosai day cant wait .. oooo my beloved MARSALA THOSAI +++++ coconunattied chutneyyy..i love chutney chutney loves me cant wait.. haha my long lost friend coconut chutney hahahahhh.....

and to print making people out there sha sam alif .. POOR THING !! haha we guys haf been rubbing salt into your wounds by saying INK PAINTING ROX!! hahaha so mean of us right!! well glad to see sha done with her sketches and all!! WOOTS GO SHA GO SHA ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! hahah. weelllll for the sake of saying this ONE MORE TIME.....

INK PAINTING ROCKS!! (even though the teacher is soooo boring and he is 200 years old)

ok so we live on tehchino.... cheap canteen meals.. and totally bitchin sessions.. bitch juice bitch fruits and all sorts of bitchiness of all form shape wad so ever.. CONCLUSION

(****** FSTARKERS LOVESS TO BITCH******) dont mess with us period don say i did not warn you..

and i broke up.... loads of stuff... killer stuff...

love u lads ans lasses .. leave a tag.. update soon

Friday, June 09, 2006

hello!!! big hello for I HAVE NOT BEEN UPDATING!! so hmm lets see OH YA!! SCHOOL !!! looove looove dum di dum deeee dummms LOVE SCHOOL!!! or shall i say lurve MY PEEPS IN CLASS.. smother butter lurve them to crumbly digestive biscuits.... ok so SHA and ALIF.. they way they talk is like ARMAGEDDON is coming! its a shame that nafa doesnt haf a debate soceity.. wad they talk abt erhmmm SECRET(shhhhhhhh) ok and did i say WE LOVE BUGIS!! ( in a corny way) cos we must be like buddy buddy with bugis.. cos we see it every singluar day.. so PSS pple APPRECIATE COMPASS POINT hahahahah...

ok lecturers..
(in k of fire break door)
(Jo e GNOME)
(theS man) a.ka takle
(mr ponytail guy)

funny lecturers but 3rd one is real sacarstic as in he likes to put the students spirits down and all ... likes to cut me off when im doing my presentation damn damn

but i like JO the GNOME everyone does hahaah
and btw we learnt how to draw NUDE FIGURES>> well not exactly a nude surfer dude model
but we followed some photo it got real boring and all. and sha was complaining her guy looks gay hahahh!! ok so lets see wad else. hmm nth else really happened except for the fun times i had in class with everyone ans SAM my mrt mate hahah!! oh ya!!!

i had like basic drawing so we were suppose to select and item and all so i wasnt really inspired to draw cos it was like uber early and i was ultra hungry.. so i started to draw my phone but sha wanted to draw my phone too so i was like ok than i don think ill draw my phone after all. than i wanted to draw( fire extinguisher,candle,beer bottle) i actually WANTED TO DRAW my ez link card haha.. but i drew and acorn form my imagination and all hahah ... SO ALIF WAS like asking sha and sam where i got my acorn from and sam said from my head .. well not literally but it was indeed from my imgaination hahah ..

ok now fav. pastime of our clas
1)giving names to lecturers
2)speak with S after everyword
3)pose for suicidal pictures
4)speak ill and bitch about irritation pple who cur queues
5)flooding art friend
6)confusing prata guy with confusing teh chino orders
7)going to BUGIS!!!!
8)discussions on dairy products(susu) (niu nai) haha
10) just being around each other woots!!!

ok and for the rest i know.. miss cherine good luck for Os and all don stress too much ok!!
miss shihui .... miss u lots lots cos someone go genting hahah go play at the theme park. ferris wheel and roller coaster eat candy floss hahah

ok than should be loooong enough this entry.. ill update often soon .. so cont. taggin me!!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

im soooooooooooooooooooooo psyched up !!! hahha cos school IN!!!! hahaha im so harpie! that i can at last get off my lazy arsed bum to actually do something constructive! thank god for NAFA . well bought new colouring pencils cause the last colour pencils i had was in sec 1 haha PATHETIC well miss shihui aka fimbo decided to spomsor me sketching pencils ill give her credit for that hahah THANKS AR!! hahah buy u some food soon hahah.

Miss cherine you having boy crisis? hha ahhaha pooor pooor you well i cant do anything to help can i??? haha so i shall read you a sentence to make you feel better (erhmmmmm .. clears throat) a poem kind of that reflects how you feel know)

ish metz thishh guyzz fromm SSS
whose had a veryx nicesh S (ass)
i thinks ofe himees lotz lotz WORX
ands i missh himz lotz morex
1314 3344
wor wor wor

(control control try not to laugh)
(awkward silence)
sorry cherine i crap so ooo much !!!!
well hope this brings some sanity to your life !!!!
yay me! hahahahahhahahah

welll then i need to go clean my ears update soon then!

chao amigos

(amore )