Sunday, October 29, 2006

smile big people!!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I shall photo blog today these are some random pictures weve taken in sec school, all the friends i have made, all the class rooms and school environment thinga MAGICA. well i loved my sec school haha a lot! I REALLY DO!!! p.s.s my memories,myfun,my life,my loves,my school!!! hahaha

Monday, October 23, 2006

THANKS SAM,ANNIE and NAZ for dinner yesterday! superb food! great company~

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

you remember love.

how sweet your love is
notwhistanding my crime
say you remember how good can love be baby
say you never lose faith
you fall to pieces
and i destroy what we have
and i surrender today
with all of this heartache
and this pain

i love you in mid-kiss.

i was at the end of the road
i needed someone to cut me loose
and than an angel out of the blue
gave me the sense that i might make it through.

boys2men-colors of love.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

seems like im a hindrance
seems like im powerless
seems like for once i was lost
seems like im useless

yes who cares now really.

sometimes when caring doesnt work

guess ill just be invisible for once.
i wonder how that feels really

i wonder who care.
news flash no one does. ( and seriously i don care ) cos i know it doesnt work
so stop caring. period

when the caring stops. fuck everything else.

i thought my caring did magic, i thought it helped but reality check slapped me across my face. guess what im now a person who doesnt help.
i cant change situations no matter how hard i try

and now it seems my caring doesnt help ( now thats what i call something new)

im the one who is effed up now.
for once i will say


Friday, October 13, 2006

introducing the meal that im never ever sick off!
people out there who wants to make me a real happy person
buy me a meal form midnight curry i'll be all yours! ( yea right)

haha but i dont mind eating that meal every day! woots baby!!

meat ball i love
fried eggs i adore
cabbage i lust
ultimate sinful gravy i crave!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

time to pay homage to BOYS 2 MEN
i love boys 2 men dont blame me!ahhaahah

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


its been good letting it go and im glad you understand sorry for keeoing from you for too long just trying to find the right time too im glad to know that you care and want you to know ill always be there if you need me just call my listening ear is all yours all i want is for you to take care so till then ill be happy so. thanks for always be there :)

zel:miss zel.hopefully you remembered what i told you yesterday . really have no words for you what so ever but i really just want you to take real good care of yourself. love you always :))

Saturday, October 07, 2006


why wont people stop talking to me

just get out of my head
i want you back :(((

Thursday, October 05, 2006

the bunch of people i miss so much!!!! sharon and ardi be safe back at home see you all soon!!!!!


dieting is now all so essential to me be it a sinless scrambled egg white sandwhich to pan fried chicken breast with loads of vegetables . things i had to forgo spagetthi blognese my fav of all time and deep fried pork chops from cartell. but but . i still love swedish meatballs from ikea . sinful little bastards! and u see the pic with mea the SINFUL snickers which she was trying to tempt me to eat!!!mea u MEANY!! hahah! but its ok.. im strong!!! and WILLED ( but i ate onion rings ???? ) sinned?? but its ok!!!! headed down to the gym for a while with zel. work my lazy butt for a while . now i remembered ie yet to eat my daily servings of fruits ... i need green apples like right now... im having a green appl fit!!! hopefully i can get all my effing flabbs of my body .. getting there good things have to wait just like aged whisky hahah?? so those out there who wants to go to the gym or just plainly work out do call me along!!and why is my hand breaking out into a rash?? blink* blink* no clue ok .. chanoees pples

zel:hopefully u get everything sorted out real soon yea?
cherine: hoiz!!!! tell me the details of the NIGHT out to the fish company thingy hahah!! miss u loads!!!

u and u only : i cant get over you no matter what i tell myself.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

HELL OF A DAY ( title says it all)

had a really satisfying lunch which my kawainess shoe shoe decided to give me zel and mea a nice treat lover her to death!! ahah went to marketplace to OOOHH AND AHHH at the preety tomatoes and rushed to grab a cake and rushed dwon to yishun to wish FIFA a happy 17th birthday!! WE LOVE YOU FEEEE FAAA!!! haha . stoned all the wya back to town ( and realised MEA is a gamer) haha secret!! SHHHH!!!! haha went down to timbre to see ridge gig out.. real nice place.. but the music would be much nicer with the mics turned down a notch too defeaning for me.. saw some WANNABE rockers .. haha but ridge was the real deal . hah aand yea congrats on getting into the grand finals.. even though u guys did not want too?? hah!! so rushed all the way home on the train and realised the fucktard train did not stop at kovan so i graciously walked zel home haha .. crapped along the way and stuff.. and i thinl zel is still lusting over the UNKLEH we saw on the train!! ( snicker* snickrs!! )) evil evil lil me.. WORTHY IS THE LAMB!! haha its like 2 20 am .. don dare to sleep yet cos don wish to haf a beer belly from the pint i drank just now, hey at least i went for a run!! haha so now waiting to kill time. and for zel to sing me her new created song..!!! love u guys out there! HOLIDAYS for nafanators!! and also good luck for those whose taking their Os! cheerios everybody!!