Sunday, December 30, 2007

just one photo first :)
thats Robert the Robot, whom i have recieved as one of my christmas gift 
its lovely :D and rather photogenic to say the least. this is what everybody will do. let's say 2007 reflections and 2008 resoultions.

so let me start :D
*school-year 2 baby year 2, first half of the semester I was just clowning around, glad to even complete my assignments on time, felt it was okay to just brush everything at the last minute. Bad work bad results. harsh reality check from Jing. second half, started earlier. Friends who kept me in sync. Who shared a good half of my time with :). Cup noodles, and mac delivery. Late nights and stay overs. saying life sucks all the time :). results came I am happy this time round. 2008 start working even earlier :D.

Jollilads aresnal F.C
what can i say :) :) :) :), football is something that keeps me going, Mak the coach that creates wonders, how we love her. ALOT i might add :D. the rain and mud and walking to the toilet, to sinful dinners and going home together. To 5 people sharing a can of 100 plus. To cutting our conditioning time by cutting corners :P
meeting so many new faces, knowing those whom i knew better, falling in love. confessions, rejections but no heartbreaks :). 
the shin guards, the knee pads, the gloves,the mud, everything. Meeting wonderful people, very wonderful i might add. i just want more football i can never get enough of it :)

to friends, 
zel- One person who I will love unconditionally. been through many Ups and Downs. Quarrels, fights. Sacarsm over text, but never words. Ignoring her before our final football game. Telling her everything i feel,Listening to her. korean food at meridian. Hearing her gush over her gf over the phone. Not spending as much time with her as usual, knowing she is happy :). Buying her Oreo cheesecake. making foam monsters and painting. and giving her artwork i want t throw away :P. To wanting the best for her always.

pogo-what can i say... what can i say... no words can describe really. A wonder, and glad to see geraldine because of you again haha. guitar picks, pink badges, custom mittens To clubbing and cabs home, to robots and lomos. Trees and skies. Pogo and canvas. Gin and tonic. Cold floor and soft ikea pillow :D. Topman sprees and chipped sunglasses. known you for not say a long time say 5 -6 months or so? but there are so many more years to come :). with much much more turkey every single is too special :D. I will love you as a friend in time to come, promise. I do I do , Ning's got your back all the time (:

mom- your barely around 
dad- Goodnight see you tommorow hahahahha , and magical 60million year old snail. knowing you care but, not showing it hee hee
shoe- i miss you laaaaa :( alot. come home soon, its such a bore staying at home, no random let's go have nice dinner. and you bringing me out. No barbiekews and steamboats. No mutton soup and beef stew :( :( :( :(. and its New year's tommorow, mom in indonesia dad, hahah dont know where he will be. To all the money you have spent on me. All the food you have saved for me. To asking me how i feel, to waiting for me to be ready when I came out. accepting who I am. Saying its okay to like girls haha. Gingerbread and pork cracklings. and 300 dollars worth of topman and burtons sprees :). see you soooon, love you tooo much.

enough for one day. PART DEUX tommorow 

Saturday, December 29, 2007

been delivering krispy kremes and christmas gifts to the babies
the whole morning,
nets baby , butt , ning,cami,cherine
im beat, and full cause i couldnt resist eating a doughnut haha
well i lugged the blooody doughnts all the way back, you is better like them :D
photos will be up soon promise.

:) all it takes to make you happy, all it takes 

Friday, December 28, 2007

wifi in hongkong
be home in approx. 5 hours
with krispy kremes in hand! :D
FENGSSS is sees yous laters :)
i want go home now now now
instead of sitting on the floor outside gate 61 waiting to board
christ spare meeeee the miseryyy
i want to go back to singapore like NOWWWWW ( whines)
shit im getting fat again 
NOOOOoooOOooooOOOoooOOOoooooOO! :(

Sunday, December 23, 2007

one final post from terminal 1
and with robert the robot at hand, i am going to have  a fun time in HK
can't believe i am spending kissmass away from home this year
but it will be over soon.
ill try my bestest best to get internet access in HK :D
well everyone take care now :)
looking forward to coming back to eventually meet you (:

sigh yes im moving on I AM I AM :( trying my best
i am i promise :(

Saturday, December 22, 2007

jouk last night
whoever the dj spinning , ought to die
damnpen the whole bloody atmosphere
but after that , it was greatttt :D hard for me to say
its better then mos ( well the later part)
hongkong tommorowss till the 29
will miss christmas, can't join the rest for one night stand
on the 26th :( , but at least i got to party before the year ended :D

part deux- thanks yous manys manys babysss for zee blooo korour robots (:
its lovely. yes I make sure it tours hongkong with me.

yes i still so love you, but slowly and surely i'll learn to let go (:

Friday, December 21, 2007

see the glee and the super high faces. see the gin which i broke
see the mortar where my black pepper was
the night was crazy, and too much fun.
a christmas well spent, some did get drunk some did get drained
but with friends like them, its all safe
a night like this is certainly one to remember. good food , company and so much more
thank you everybodies for coming,
nets for offering me her service of her ikea bag, and volunteering to go grocery shopping with me even though there last minute you had to work
from work like gough, eunice and judith (:
fengs who wasnt well but still came
zib who dressed up ! haha
tammy and ed, for the lychee mixer and bringing the drum stick home
zel and ning for lovely gingy bread cookies!
cousins aunt uncles dad mom.
i did not wake up did all my grocery shopping lug a 9.5kg for nothing
christmas dinner my present to good people i mentioned.
much love , much G on G happened
and we are now officially lebanese remember that :D haha
a christmas party way better than i imagined. 2008 here we come, cant wait to get over hk and be back home. i want to partay more before the year closes :D

oh thanks baby for the mittens.
yes those are ning's MINE MINE MINE :D
no one else in the house are allowed to put a paw on the (:

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2 movees tonight not bad not bad
with my turkey defrosting gleefully in the sink
and a good dinner with the mates tommorow
i'm happy i know i am

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Saturday, December 15, 2007

why do i keep thinking about food
not wanting to eat them
but wanting to cook them 
i went to sleep late yet again
had 2 dreams,rather entertaining ones
much more entertaining than my life.
let me try to make it 3 
well its only 1.46pm i can sleep more
let's see for turkey dinner this year, what shall i be cooking
1-turkey roast( with cranberry sauce, gravy)
2-roasted vegetables( carrots,celery,bell peppers)
3-roasted new potatoes
4-blanched broccollieeee and corn
5-lasagne ? pasta?? rigatonni??? tortelliniii???( get back on that)
6- dips and starters

( alchohol bring your own ar, i only got vodka( everyone HAS vodka)
thursday people dont forgets aight :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

its 230. AND frankly i just woke up
but the rain is beating down on my window 
hypnotizing me to sleep again
okay sleep i shalll
16 people
16 people
we turned up at herstory with 16 people
what an army (:
and saw "new friend" 
made other new friends
got hit in the jaw, 
and fell down
but ok la fun fun
the event sucked though
but partaying was good 

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

i am so fullllllll
and nets my wine is friendlier than yours
at least mine didn't give off the I DARE YOU TO DRINK ME vibes
had portebello mushroom roasted with garlic ,salt,oliveoil,black pepper,and baby mozzarella
and roasted veg, comprising of carrots celery roasted red bell pepper and corn
and of course a fat ass-whopping ribeye grilled pink (:
good meal in good weather ahhhh satisfaction yaw
and herstory tommorow
hopefully no body backs out last minute-ly (:
ciao people need to digest.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

hello quicky quick one
before mac dies on me
i met isma like at broody broody long lasty. and yes i ate too much again
need more sleep need more money
cant wait for herstory, with ginny 
and everyone's going, so is my "new friend"
woo steak and potatoes with the nets tomoorow
ok shall watch some teevee now, and i think my burn mark is cool :D

Monday, December 10, 2007

ive got a 3 cm burn on my right arm
while frying my egg fried rice
but the best thing was i didn't even flinch when my arm touched the wok
i think i am secretly a HERO
uh oh its starting to swell and bubble-lizeee haha
hur fun huh, too too way too immuned to burns 
its 1.03pm, just woke up
but i am not going to eat till dinner
due to the overwhelming amount of food i have eaten
and the calorie count must be WOOOHOOOOOOO
i shouldn't go there, maybe some grapes and a bowl of soup for lunch
and beehoon goreng with gf at jalan kayu tonight :D
and i bet i'll just get lazy and refuse to go home and crash at her humble abode
okay now i shall go find soup to drink.
baby life was good to me
but you just made it better
i don't want to run away
just want to make your day
when you feel the world is on your shoulders
don't want to make it worse
just want to make us work
let's dream big people
i agree i may be sore, that after all is done, 
nothing's left unchanged, I have school, and friends
( even though butt is way in love, and always so beezee)
I still have other people around me, that i can care for and love
so i say i should stop harping so much on one matter.
i still have 7 years left before i realise my dream of my own cafe
its there, just waiting for me to make it come true.
It's something i want so bad, whenever i cook a good pasta, or when my chicken comes out
perfectly roasted, and the pan seared salmon is perfectly cooked still pink inside
i want to make it big, as a chef, as a designer, as a business woman.
I want to cook the perfect dish
mix the perfect drink,
i can almost see myself welcoming my customers.
7 more years people , with the drafts and books i buy for reference.
and diner deco, i look at, speaking to anne constantly and just  sitting at happy daze and seeing how its being run.
I even think of how to plate a dish before i go to bed
and new recipes i can come up with. Yes some people says i am dreaming,
but this is one dream I will make come true. 
i want this as bad as i want you( okay thats not the point)
but bottomline is watch out in 7 years. 7 short years
if you can watch the show do
i sat through this,
and i glad i did on a rainy
monday afternoon 

Sunday, December 09, 2007

whatever it is i'll love you still
still plenty much alot (:
oh i say hair much MUCH wilder :D
yesss there was chix rice
and i had san wen yu with broccoli

Saturday, December 08, 2007

i wish there will be lunch
i wish there will be lunch
cause i am really hungry
and too lazy to cook as per normal
i wish there will be lunch
okay i'll go check now :D wait for the newwwsssss .....

hello you are supposed to send me the peekchures!!!! and you said hi and went offline :(!!!!!
so ill steal one first. so much for lets go on a diet :(
with ramen and mudpie and frenchfries.
tsk tsk gf ar gf i am really going to grow fat with you again !!
but you have to agree the deep fried tofu were the bomb :D
hurry upo and come back from camp! i want more coffee and bagles and random black pepper hot dog and galloping to punggol station with you sooners! (: haha

hur i was happier then (:
i guess its time i run far far away

Friday, December 07, 2007

sorry training cancelled-mak

i was so pumped 
looking forward to play 
fold my goalkeeping jersey
strap on my gloves cleaned my shin pads


i want to play football
in about 5 hours i can
it's harder then i thought
especially there's nothing to keep you occupied
you just fill every single nook and cranny of my cranium

what can i do to make you mine 
even though i know its not possible.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

i have to stop this tirade 
its not doing me any good
i am just in daze most of the time
and im supposed to be happy damn it
get over it get over it get over it

but how you tell me?
anyone who has a clue tell me how to get over it

swear you have no idea
i cried over you
fuck i got to get over it
i'm not smart 
i'm not great
i'm not good looking
but i am willing to do everything for you
every single damn thing.

second one second one second one
second person  i have cried for
and zel wasn't even counted as the first
slaps self***
what the hell am i doing 
but somehow you were worth it

and yes my heart's crippled by the vein i keep on closing
you cut me open
and i keep bleeding 
keep keep bleeding love
i shouldn't go out with the girlfriend often
swear i am going to get so fat,
and please i so hope i dont fall sick 
* keeep your sickly germy away from me :D
get well soon gf hokay hokay?
and we should stop overeating ! 
                        LETS BREAK THE NIGHT WITH COLOR

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

in a very drunken state last night
i said while lying on my back
- tommorow will be a very hot day

and it rained the whole of today 
schweeeet :D

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

pool party was a blast
had the food the alchohol the people
apart from me not knowing what happened to my food and containers
because i was way too drunk or high to actually noticed what was going on
lets break down what we had for fun :D

*cajun chicken
*salmon starters
*zelzz tanghoon
*potato salad

*2 bottles of vodky
*tammy's wonder mixer

and much more, tripping over pool benches and falling off playground equipment has never been so fun hur,and before i knew it i had someone's tongue in my mouth.

urghh headache its raining and i want to sleep more

Monday, December 03, 2007

a run that made my legs give all they've got
and a morning's grocery shopping for today's party
makes everything much better.
bleeding love-leona lewis
i have no idea why its been on repeat for the past 12 hours
screw emo songs they are making me feel so down
fuck but i cannot stop listening to it
maybe because its good or its just too sadly true
kind of overwhelming actually never in my life have i felt like that, its like learning how to walk
and falling flat on your face
but zel says its alright move on, pick yourself up
ill do that , but now i just want to lie down and stare at the ceiling trying to take everything in
bleeding love plays in background******
she was something
really something
it was like hitting me right between my eyes
i fought with my best friend
convinced myself its alright
so special i say so special,
but as they say somethings are just not yours to keep
its alright i say its alright, all i need
is one night, and something big to eventually get over it
i know how to take care of myself i do know how
take it in ning take it ning.
but i know i'll still smile when i see you
that i can assure myself.
whats there to be unhappy.
whats there to be angsty
maybe somehow someway sometime anytime

i should really stop listening to it
fuck i cant help it. i cant bring myself to switch i tunes off.
or should i just promise myself to accept the next person who comes along
yea i should huh butt I should.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

after much waiting and of course much training, I finally completed the halvey marathon slightly below 3 hours, with cynthia.
I swear it is so much fun seeing everybody running togetherrs
and cynthia is such a good person to run with, always acting as my human walking stick haha
but we did alright, running non stop for 2 hours and 20 minutes, before giving a final sprint at the last 100m :D!. well 21.1 km was certainly crazy, my toes are turning purple, and my feet are as sore as hell. need slp alot of slp. a good marathon runned :). strikes of one more ****

its 11 48
i ought to be in bed
got the run tommorow 
BUTA BUTA i got to meet cyn at 430 
430=wake up at 330
if i sleep= confirm cannot wake up
confirm cannot wake up=miss the run
miss the run= gets angry with self
OH NO THE last person i want to get angry with is myself
ok i can do it ( please orange magical mizunos treat me right tommorow)

its here its here its here its here its here its here its here
baby its here its here its here its here :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello other then the super tiring run this morning at 2 am everything else was mucha funa
and say hello to photoboof fun.
run run tommorow, can diee