Wednesday, June 27, 2007

did i say logo design makes NING a really REALLY really REALLY happy person :) (good friends give you logo-projects to kill time) hahaha

Monday, June 25, 2007

i caught nancy drew with 'gf'

and i just realised emma roberts is julia roberts niece. thats all.
but its a nice show (: ning's all for it

*are you really sincere or is it just something that you do

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

had barbie at the beach :D so the fun please hahaha . but come back smelling like the pit as usual

and i met lotte. and yes your cute OKAY haha LA:D(and yes i owe you ice cream)(and yes i owe you dinner) wad else wad else? haha ( THERE i said it ) haha

and im meeting 'gf' tmr :D WOOOooOOooooOOO

Sunday, June 17, 2007

hello :) quick one. i had like major lunch yesterday cause butt butt suggested to come over for lunch so i cooked ALOT for her :D
had like grilled seabass,panseared salmon,clam chowder,grilled cajun chicken,oatmeal prawns,sweet potato croquettes,and chocolate covered strawberries :) guess i did SIN a lot last afternoon but who givadamn right :)

Friday, June 15, 2007


hello ning smells like an ASHTRAY
my breath smells like an ash tray
my hair smells like an ash tray
my shirt smells like an ash tray
my pants smells like an ash tray
my bra smells like an ash tray

HAIYO hahahahah but herstory was a blast :D apart from being my first official clubbing experience im still a fresh 18 what haha. the other club i stepped in was indochine and it wasnt even an event so that was boring . but overall it was hellagudfun :D did see familiar faces. especially when you had seen their friendster or fridae profile( than you will go AYE I THINK IVE SEEN YOU BEFORE SOMEWHERE) haha.and ning was a good girl she only had 2 drinks last night.and i felt like sardines in a can when the whole bunch of us were on the dancefloor. could see everyone had their own share of fun la haha!.and ja was nice enough to bring us for dimsum and send all of us home. SO RESPONSIBLE :D haahaha. met couple new people too :D socialize social socialiseeeee socialiezinggngngngn :D

Thursday, June 07, 2007

i blog blog for butt butt today
i realised making new friends are one thing but keeping them is another, but of you get a best friend keep him/her to yourself cause its a UNCOMMON and priceless thing none the less :D
they stick with you through the years and much more to come.and the do a lot of stupid and random stuff ALL THE TIME. and laugh about it looking back. but the best thing of all, every single detail of a tight friendship is dearly remembered.

and oh ya! we day dream a lot about the future
1-will we be eff rich
2-wil we drive snazzy cars
3-go to ikea and start planning what will be in our apartment
4-discuss about cheesy pick up lines
5-talk about embarassing child hood stories and thinking I WAS DAMN STUPID haha
6-FORCE each other to download songs
7-Whine about ( LETS EAT KFC BUDDY MEAL OK) haha
8-call each other at ungodly hours
9-go all the way at 11 to meet her aft work and drag our lazy asses back home
10-threaten each other not to be late :D ha
11-scold each other and not talk to each other for the whole night but back to norm int he morn.
12-secretly hint to each other you want something real bad and wait till he/she gets it for you
13-share XTRA large coke light
14-eat sinful dinners and say DIE after that
15-and sing out loud and irritate each other

there are 15 things i do with my butt
15 out of the 4873828219191812727277238383983937827273838939393 things we do together

what can i say i do love my butt :D a lot
really cross my heart hope to die everything
so do follow my advice show your best fwen some love. cause as i said best fwens are hard to come by :) and im thankful of mine now( even though she gets tarty sometimes) hahaha

Sunday, June 03, 2007

When i grow up i wanna be an astronaut :D big dreamers and little dreamers who dream big. SO ita alright dreaming of getting rich,getting a nice house and drive a bentley when you grow up. at the mean time do dream of ways getting there haha

Friday, June 01, 2007

today is NOT boring it was somehow fun :)
i had tennis at 10. but we were 20 minutes late sigh..... morning rush hour is such a bitch really.
okay so i leanrt service today it was great !!! except i the first sevice that went WAYYYYY OVEERRR THEEE FENNCCEE AND into the swimming pool o_O very TSK
but overall it was still okay even though I have no idea why i cant get to the ball fast enough . even though i can run sigh.. hahahah
okay i met sab. just we caught a movie infamous. the story line is really something :D BUT up to personal preferance really. hahaha somewhat like durian or gorgonzola cheese. but i liked it :)and yes i was freezing in the theatre, but at least i brought along my jacket which was made useful :D WELL AT LEAST i was the only one freezing and not SOMEONE else hor hahahah :)
and yea im full very very very full thats about it

as purple as sab. hahahahaahah