Sunday, January 28, 2007

how does this look? please tag and give me comments on where to change thanks!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

lunch with butt today
schools been fine so far

and butt ar today meal really expensive ar ok la sorry sorry next time we eat kfc ok?? hha I PAY :)

well managed to get things sorted out, and did not drag the matter any longer, well i can move on now which is good . i still have 50 cats remember

knew the signs wasnt right
i was stupid for a while
swept away by you
now i feel like a fool

theres a life out there for me :)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

to my dearest butt

to die with 50 cats or guppies i would if i can see you happy again
to know you cry over it makes me tear again
to find that you are lost makes me want to find you again
to see that you are trying makes me want to help again
to let you know ill be your butt forever makes me be there again

its worth a million to see you truely happy again,
ill pay so much more than a million to see you smile again

and i said you will be fine and i promise you

much love dear butt take care so much.

Friday, January 19, 2007

HEY PPLE PPLE PPLE!! first and foremost HI YU QI i met you at last for thosai! i love thosai! well been an OKAY day, i ate my fruits and greens,ran my run,met my butt. ya

well.. met butt for like 3 days in a row with mea, and all 3 days we just make a fool of ourself haha and 2 headed snake gang is POWER hahah like wtf :)

well poor butt's guppy died and she snashed it . so sad i tell you suicidal guppy so scary! i cant wait to go back to school did i say that?? yea i did! and CHERINE YOUR COMP have to cork uP!! hahahah like ARGHHHH!! haha well glad its back to its old self :)! well im so bored my arms is aching a little from gym yesterday haha but i know butt is like going to crack!!! as in my BUTTY zel not my butt ass butt .. ok im confused hmmmmm

well i miss f*starkers so cant wait to see them really! and i need new burms and also WHERES ADELINA?? i dont see you online anymore please!!
and nadia primary one alreadies ar you!!! study hard you MONITRESS fake one please hahah and their pe t shirt like some fred perry t shirt like OLD SKOOL!
lastly ( IM A SIZE M NOW!!!! ARGH!! YAY!! WOOTS !!****) :)

hanabi buffet tommoro 38 bucks crap so expensive no dinner for me too :)

you:ill give up now, thanks for loving me but it wasnt meant to be

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


with my butt is oh so fun and i sinnnneeedddddd soooooooo mmmuuuuucccchhhhhhh what i ate today 1)1 plate of pasta 2)10 meatballs 3)1 DEEEP FRIED chicken wing like WTF man im on a diet for goodness sake!! RAR!!(but i ran for 25 minutes today :) ) hahaha but i did not eat my greens CURSES well love my butt so much we had so much fun from GAGAING over this girl who works at the cahier and being typical singaporeans picking out the cheapest hahah and I PICKED out a new house for butt's suicidal guppy,and IKEA is like efff huge like can play hide and seek and get lost forever hahah, but courts wasnt that MEGA after all.. did not like it much sad.. haha but i bought a BLENDER like who cares ?? haha i do :) it was cheap and IT WAS PHILLIPS wad a BRANDED BLENDER! haha and now i want to so complain about the shuttle servicee took effed up long please like 349820459804598024598204584250 years like wtf haha but me and butt cam whored like no body buisness and sing some random songs and do 2 headed snake dance (secret) haha
and we just made a complete fool of ourselves as per normal playing the translate the song game

AND GIVE HIM A CUP OF TEA (wtf really ) hahahaha

welll gyming tommorow. will drag butt to run and run and run till than good night people :)

butt:dear butt today was super duper fun took my mind of my troubles too hope you have plenty of fun like i did too and playing some BOXING game in courts was so sadistic and evil. so mean !! haha well see you tommoro much loves buttie butt butt :) no one appreciate me like you do :) one more tinker and chivas for you haha

you: i dont know wad u want but if u found out, and when u decide to tell me it will have been to late

Saturday, January 13, 2007

hey blogging bunnies im back from VACATION

photos up soon by tmr cause im beat!!
missed my butt
missed everyobe :)) (missed macau and portugese egg tarts)


ok than nights people

you:sick again always sick take care of yourself please,please please please :) wait im taking care of you instead right?? but STILL DO MAKE EFFORT to take care of yourself! haha missed you so much i really do, and the way u said hello was warm :) i want to see you soon
love you gummy bears dunkin donuts :)