Monday, September 28, 2009

hello everybodys
it has been a whirlwind tour so far.
As most of you have already known i have been
out of the country for 2 weeks here and there
The trip's been kind to me so far
other then the very expensive food prices
and very tempting insane shopping trips that i put myself through.
To scrambled eggs/bacon/sausages/beans/tomatoes for breakfast every single morning
To Hot-water less shower in the cold English Air
45 minutes walk to our design studio
the 5 pound bowl of noodles
the not-be-able to drink water from the tap direct
to the very dreadful weekend spent in hall.
I have come to realise i miss home more than ever
To people whom i have said Singapore is a boring place
to Loughborough Singapore seems as though she's the most exciting place to be in.
The classmates have been wonderful as always
Ive heard several ( YOUVE been having so much fun you won't want to come back)
well truth is, all i want to do is go home, curl up in my bed, hear the dripping noises
of the water leaking from my aircon hitting the pails. Be able to go down and cook myself a big bowl of hot noodles, and watch channel 5.
Well I am long away from getting home.
Till then
dear friends, I miss you all back home, those who have been studying work hard, those who had surgeries, take good care of yourself.
And yes, i only drank a grand total of 2 cans of beer so far. believe that
Till the next post
see you
and as the english says it
(p.s i miss you bb, so much i could die)

Monday, September 07, 2009

Sunday, September 06, 2009

i'll miss you so much
it will hurt
and sometimes
all i want to do
is to have a beer
with you
stay perfectly quiet
with a silent trail of unbroken smoke
the moon that casts our shadows
and that faint breath of mint
now that's all i want to do
with you

Thursday, September 03, 2009

i must be crazy

p.s i need to get a german girl
( ???????)
(Totally ???? )