Friday, May 11, 2007

hello :D im seriouslt bored( and feeling random) and still complaining so much about my mundane life( so out of good grace i came out with NING's guide to curbing a mundane life) 100 rules to make your life much more interesting :D

100-Look yourself in the mirror and say Hello 10 times
99- count the notes in your wallet
98-take the notes out and do origami(i suggest cranes)
97-Steal your sister's lettuce to make a salad and leave a total of 4 leaves for her
96- watch tv programmes i suggest lame ass cartoons like UNTALKATIVE BUNNY
95-Polish the eggs in the fridge
94-Pick a fight wih the neighbour's kids
93-Take out your crayons and start freestyling on your walls
92-Sit in one corner and think of reasons of explainations to your mom about vandalised walls
91-Look through old picture archives and pick out embarrasing childhood photos
90-Go to your garden and catch butterflies

89-Terrorise your cat(try giving it a shower)
87-adopt a PET rock ( and call it ROCKY)
86-Count sheep 1 sheep....2 sheep....3 sheep.....4 sheep.....
85-Flip through Teengae magazines and pick out all the LOSER ads and layouts you can find
84-Go for a swim in your pond
83-book an appointment with your doctor due to pond SCUM poisoning
82-On and Off your fan 30 times
81-Take out your yellow pages and call 45 random people and say I LOVE YOU
80-Go sky diving

79-Watch high school musical on your computer for the 20th time
78-Learn a new song
77-sit on your swivel chair and turn round and round till you puke
76-Go take a shower
75-Complain about your life to a cardboard
74-freeze gummy bears and throw them at your cat
73-If you have a barbie doll set it on fire
72-Eat 2 packet of super rings
71-Think where yould you be if you actually passed your math
70-contemplate if you want to go downstairs to make a milo dinosaur to drink

69-Eat durian 3 packet if possible
68-Listen to hilary Duff's this is what dreams are made off 50 times
67- im actually hearing it yet i don't realise :D
66-Sing to your computer
65-start running away if the computer sings back at you
64-imagine yourself skinny dipping in the bahamas(scary thought)
63-START YOU-TUBING it kills time so well
62-Go for french manicures
61-stand at your balcony and sprinkle glitter downwards
60-Imagine yourself being a fairy

59-Attempt to bake a cheesecake
58-than realise its so much simpler to get a sara LEE to start with
57-Lift those weights to build up arm muscles
56-Find garden snails and throw salt at them muahahahha
55-Go to your neighbours house and borrow sugar
54-sugar for what? act desperate housewives living at wisteria lane
53-Wash your dad's car
52-Listen to MIKA's songs OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER
51-LAST 2 suggestions of the day
50-LAST ONE :D!!!( hahaha not counted i know)

49-Reorganise your mom's LEE KUM KEE sauce collection according to A-Z
48-sdrawkcab epyt ot woh nrael
47-Steal your dad's highlighter collection
46-Learn how to moonwalk
45-impersonate elvis in the mirror
44-think what's for tommorows dinner
43-watch SHE'S THE MAN for the 50th time
42-Call your aunt and say ( hoi at home or not) when you obviously called her house number
41-decieve yourself in believing having prata at 2 am is okay
40-Go for prata at 2 am in the morning

39-weigh yourself in the morning and call yourself a stupid for eating prata hahahah
38-Make a monster out of discarded foam
37-sucking too high on a lollipop but love's gotta get you down
36- Think of having ice blended soya milk with pearls haha
35-Lust over the polo ralph lauren shirt you want to buy
34-Read spongebob magazine!! and do al the useful activities inside hahah
33-Drag your sis bowling
32-attempt to clean the pond at your house after 2 years
31-Help your dad pick rubber seeds from the nearby cemetry
30-Go to your kitchen and fry koropoksss


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