Sunday, December 30, 2007

just one photo first :)
thats Robert the Robot, whom i have recieved as one of my christmas gift 
its lovely :D and rather photogenic to say the least. this is what everybody will do. let's say 2007 reflections and 2008 resoultions.

so let me start :D
*school-year 2 baby year 2, first half of the semester I was just clowning around, glad to even complete my assignments on time, felt it was okay to just brush everything at the last minute. Bad work bad results. harsh reality check from Jing. second half, started earlier. Friends who kept me in sync. Who shared a good half of my time with :). Cup noodles, and mac delivery. Late nights and stay overs. saying life sucks all the time :). results came I am happy this time round. 2008 start working even earlier :D.

Jollilads aresnal F.C
what can i say :) :) :) :), football is something that keeps me going, Mak the coach that creates wonders, how we love her. ALOT i might add :D. the rain and mud and walking to the toilet, to sinful dinners and going home together. To 5 people sharing a can of 100 plus. To cutting our conditioning time by cutting corners :P
meeting so many new faces, knowing those whom i knew better, falling in love. confessions, rejections but no heartbreaks :). 
the shin guards, the knee pads, the gloves,the mud, everything. Meeting wonderful people, very wonderful i might add. i just want more football i can never get enough of it :)

to friends, 
zel- One person who I will love unconditionally. been through many Ups and Downs. Quarrels, fights. Sacarsm over text, but never words. Ignoring her before our final football game. Telling her everything i feel,Listening to her. korean food at meridian. Hearing her gush over her gf over the phone. Not spending as much time with her as usual, knowing she is happy :). Buying her Oreo cheesecake. making foam monsters and painting. and giving her artwork i want t throw away :P. To wanting the best for her always.

pogo-what can i say... what can i say... no words can describe really. A wonder, and glad to see geraldine because of you again haha. guitar picks, pink badges, custom mittens To clubbing and cabs home, to robots and lomos. Trees and skies. Pogo and canvas. Gin and tonic. Cold floor and soft ikea pillow :D. Topman sprees and chipped sunglasses. known you for not say a long time say 5 -6 months or so? but there are so many more years to come :). with much much more turkey every single is too special :D. I will love you as a friend in time to come, promise. I do I do , Ning's got your back all the time (:

mom- your barely around 
dad- Goodnight see you tommorow hahahahha , and magical 60million year old snail. knowing you care but, not showing it hee hee
shoe- i miss you laaaaa :( alot. come home soon, its such a bore staying at home, no random let's go have nice dinner. and you bringing me out. No barbiekews and steamboats. No mutton soup and beef stew :( :( :( :(. and its New year's tommorow, mom in indonesia dad, hahah dont know where he will be. To all the money you have spent on me. All the food you have saved for me. To asking me how i feel, to waiting for me to be ready when I came out. accepting who I am. Saying its okay to like girls haha. Gingerbread and pork cracklings. and 300 dollars worth of topman and burtons sprees :). see you soooon, love you tooo much.

enough for one day. PART DEUX tommorow 


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