Monday, December 10, 2007

let's dream big people
i agree i may be sore, that after all is done, 
nothing's left unchanged, I have school, and friends
( even though butt is way in love, and always so beezee)
I still have other people around me, that i can care for and love
so i say i should stop harping so much on one matter.
i still have 7 years left before i realise my dream of my own cafe
its there, just waiting for me to make it come true.
It's something i want so bad, whenever i cook a good pasta, or when my chicken comes out
perfectly roasted, and the pan seared salmon is perfectly cooked still pink inside
i want to make it big, as a chef, as a designer, as a business woman.
I want to cook the perfect dish
mix the perfect drink,
i can almost see myself welcoming my customers.
7 more years people , with the drafts and books i buy for reference.
and diner deco, i look at, speaking to anne constantly and just  sitting at happy daze and seeing how its being run.
I even think of how to plate a dish before i go to bed
and new recipes i can come up with. Yes some people says i am dreaming,
but this is one dream I will make come true. 
i want this as bad as i want you( okay thats not the point)
but bottomline is watch out in 7 years. 7 short years


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