Friday, December 21, 2007

see the glee and the super high faces. see the gin which i broke
see the mortar where my black pepper was
the night was crazy, and too much fun.
a christmas well spent, some did get drunk some did get drained
but with friends like them, its all safe
a night like this is certainly one to remember. good food , company and so much more
thank you everybodies for coming,
nets for offering me her service of her ikea bag, and volunteering to go grocery shopping with me even though there last minute you had to work
from work like gough, eunice and judith (:
fengs who wasnt well but still came
zib who dressed up ! haha
tammy and ed, for the lychee mixer and bringing the drum stick home
zel and ning for lovely gingy bread cookies!
cousins aunt uncles dad mom.
i did not wake up did all my grocery shopping lug a 9.5kg for nothing
christmas dinner my present to good people i mentioned.
much love , much G on G happened
and we are now officially lebanese remember that :D haha
a christmas party way better than i imagined. 2008 here we come, cant wait to get over hk and be back home. i want to partay more before the year closes :D

oh thanks baby for the mittens.
yes those are ning's MINE MINE MINE :D
no one else in the house are allowed to put a paw on the (:


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