Monday, December 03, 2007

bleeding love-leona lewis
i have no idea why its been on repeat for the past 12 hours
screw emo songs they are making me feel so down
fuck but i cannot stop listening to it
maybe because its good or its just too sadly true
kind of overwhelming actually never in my life have i felt like that, its like learning how to walk
and falling flat on your face
but zel says its alright move on, pick yourself up
ill do that , but now i just want to lie down and stare at the ceiling trying to take everything in
bleeding love plays in background******
she was something
really something
it was like hitting me right between my eyes
i fought with my best friend
convinced myself its alright
so special i say so special,
but as they say somethings are just not yours to keep
its alright i say its alright, all i need
is one night, and something big to eventually get over it
i know how to take care of myself i do know how
take it in ning take it ning.
but i know i'll still smile when i see you
that i can assure myself.
whats there to be unhappy.
whats there to be angsty
maybe somehow someway sometime anytime

i should really stop listening to it
fuck i cant help it. i cant bring myself to switch i tunes off.
or should i just promise myself to accept the next person who comes along
yea i should huh butt I should.


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