Thursday, September 20, 2007

heylow everybody :D
my sistax is leaving on the 25th instead,cause of visa problems and we are going for a nice nice meal tommorow :)
and traveling from boonlay home is such a chore, and it is VERY VERY VERY obvious training will clash with my school time table, as starting from next week i knock off school at 9pm HOW NICE :(
but our new home ground is pretty darn neat :) NING LIKE :D and seriously diving on faux grass is so painful and i have many many friction burns so i say time to invest in goal keeping gear :) alright ummm, im so tired right now and potter puppet pals is ringing in my head

snape snape....
ron ron..
harry potter..harry potter..

YOUTUBE this words( potter puppet pals ticking) haha

oh wells good night world :) im so full after banana prata and damn i have one more assesment to submit :C and i havent started on it christ..

AND MY PHOTO- just imagine my cat saying LET ME DOWN NOWWW!!!!! to my sister haha

how how how????? like u many many how???


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