Sunday, September 23, 2007

hello world ;D
oooo i gave Cherine a scare by changing the blogskin :)
and yes cherie i cannot figure out the html :D thats why the skin i chose was some preset thingys :)
i need proffesional help soon hahah!!!
well anyways we tied our game 0-0 with S.A.S
got such a scare cause i almost let in a goal thank god for titi tell you :)
and yea im full so ill make this entry short.
shoess leavin gon tuesday :(
im having tennis on monday :D
and schools reopening soon enough :)
i woke up with aching feet
im still stuck on wizard angst
itunes radio turner is very entertaining :) well then buhbye

i married a martian( some random song title) hahaha


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