Tuesday, September 18, 2007

looky looky here :D
blogger is still not on my side, but i did change my blogskin after so long :)
i am having my measly holidays now with one more assesment to submit. football's been crazy as usual and the whole team is getting injured more and more after every game to start with.like getting kicked or ball hitting faces yadaa yadaaa. Oh school's been fine and my sistax is leaving for uk like soon :( ( no one will help me fold me clothes anymore) SADZXZXZXZZ
alright shower time :) anne's picking mua up for lunch

monica told me this yesterday: Smurf's are all gays cause there is only one female smurf living among men,god knows what the men do to each other

ponder people ponder :D

ok love you many many too :)
and let me show u some love my cousins and freinds gave to my macbook haha


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