Wednesday, May 24, 2006

ive SINNED LIKE TOTALLY SINNED!!! SOb Sob.... sniff sniff.. you know why!! cause i ate (TE KAH!!!(pigs trotters) sob sob.. all the sinful fats and calories swivelling in my stomach ..i must be like britney spears do like 1000 sit ups hahaha !!!! well hmm who cares lah it tasted nice anyway!! hahah .. went to this wierd looking cafe called some world apart cafe... i tell you first I WARN ALL OF YOU!!! dont goo there!!! like seriously !!! FOOD SUCKS!! hahaha i orderes this mushroom thingy called mushroom monster(SUCH AN ORIINAL NAME) my foot!! haha it was like 3 portebello mushroom with tomato cheese and ham !!! SOUNDS NICE RIGHT!! but looks can be decieving ! it was like shrivelled up can!!! it was like the guy exumed it out from a grave or something and the ham!! ( cheopo picnic ham) like BAKWA!!! or shall i say like leather! can literally collect like 20 of the dried up ham and make it into a belt. and a wallet!! hahaha ! so be warned!!!! but boring day.. was marvelling at monicas new PSP .. haha so NICW AND NEW AND WHITE!! HAHAHA i want one too!!!! scream* scream* hahaha .. haha and also an OFFICIAL WELCOME TO MY BLOG MISS CHERINE!! hahahah Yay!!! FIRST customer!! help me advertise my blog ok?? i give you advertising fees!! hahah yay!!


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