Friday, May 26, 2006

im so freakineee tired my butts aching my hands aching!!!.... haha went to sp to play badminton after so looong hahha!!! saw ade today!! hahhhaha so happy and cyn and michael and another guy hahah!!!! sp is damn huge can!!!! from one end to the other just walking is already tiring enough!!!wierd school!! cos ots gigantornomous!!! hahahah well had fun today real real fun .. but im too rusty la.. too long never touch my raquet my badminton bag was covered in dust!! hahhaha !!!! thats like ages already and my shoes are like going to be mouldy any moment!!! hahh anyways agenda tommoro DENTAL APPOINTMENT!! argh!! hahha no la doctor guna is a nice person! hahaha!! so im not afraid!! well the only worry is i have no one to accompany me!!! im so lonnellie mr lonelieee im on meee owneeee OOOOOOOO>>>>>> WTF...... im aching totally everywheree... aching ass ... hahahha ill be nice for once haha....

ill count you to sleep too..... :)))))))


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