Tuesday, May 30, 2006

today is WOW!!!! some orientaion thingy for nafa!! hahaha so now its like almost 1 am just came back from east coast and all..!!! hahahah brought for dinner. had like a hell out of a day today.. boring talks and all.. trying to meet new friends hahah!!! well did lah nice bunch of pple and allfirst and foremost congrats to miss rox my socks cherine for going through her paper at ease haha!! take a break ok!! u deserved it!! hahah im also damn full cos went to eat at east coast with boss and ordered like a lot of food!!!! and in the end she could not finish so i had to help her!!! hahahah!! well and also good luck to shihui and mea for their mid years study hard hahah.. don fight too much!! haha i cant wait to start school also next week ! yay yay!1 haha but im kinda of worried of the food sold in bugis cos the wan ton mee thingy that i ate was horrible to the beyond of time la!! hahah it was like dehydrated or something and my jaws had to exercise a lots lots... can like cut the noodles into cubes and eat it la! hate wan ton me should not have ordered it!! haha and btw i kind of skipped nafas disco party hahah!!!! naughtie naughtie me haha.. who freaking cares i know i dont!!! but nafa was good enough to give us a free t shirt so now im a certified 100% freshie of nafa!!! yay me again !!! clap* clap*!!!..ok i need a shower and my sis needs the comp ....

bye alll...


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