Sunday, May 28, 2006

im BIONIC!!! u know why!! cos i bowled like 5 games of bowling today!! haha well not exactly 5 games more like 4 and 3 quatera haha cos my arm was like freaking breaking like its going to break off any moment like my veins were like trying to deny me of fresh blood to my arm haha
my sis was like my thumb is turning purple!!! hahhaha ok first i want to wish all those taking MT paper tommoro namely CHERINE WEE!!! shahida and Isma haah good luck peeps!! do your best haah!!! ill be backing each and every one of you!! hahah ok yesterday hmm what did i do yesterday?? hmm yes i went for my dental appointment!! haha was suffering on the chair la!! haha especially when doctor Guna was poking my gums i was like owww owww owww haha now ive got pearly whites!!! haha and i went to meet miss shihui at like 11 30 plus.. she was complaining that she was hungry and we went to eat some cheena noodle haha.. and in exchange of buying her fabric paint.. she was gracious enough to buy me ONE fishball haha and a cuppa of barley! hahah ( THANKS ) hahaha . then it was off to the durianated esplaneade wher we met MEA and yvonne and geraldine right?? hahahah they decided to be all good girrls and study MATH MATH!! (math is a wonderful thing)(math is a really cool thing) my freakin arsand shihui and mea were like tearing each other apart!and i was like stuck haha!! and AMELIA HERE KEEP ON BLAMING ME FOR TAKING THE WANG! WANG! haha i brought me cammie along so they decided to take photos haha at e rooftop ( i suggested FHM style ) but they werent keen hahah!!!! joking joking than they were going on that they look like fillipino maids posing hahah it was ABSOLUTELY hilarious!! hahah so they decided to gang up on me to waste my camera memory and take a hell number of pics can!! hahah well i had fun and (harpie burfdae to shoe shoe nators) nice food haha wierd friends haha except selceted people!!! haha joking joking!!! ok than im happy reallie i am..!!!! ( p.s shihui remember to practice your ELLLE--FANT !! ) hahha a


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