Friday, June 01, 2007

today is NOT boring it was somehow fun :)
i had tennis at 10. but we were 20 minutes late sigh..... morning rush hour is such a bitch really.
okay so i leanrt service today it was great !!! except i the first sevice that went WAYYYYY OVEERRR THEEE FENNCCEE AND into the swimming pool o_O very TSK
but overall it was still okay even though I have no idea why i cant get to the ball fast enough . even though i can run sigh.. hahahah
okay i met sab. just we caught a movie infamous. the story line is really something :D BUT up to personal preferance really. hahaha somewhat like durian or gorgonzola cheese. but i liked it :)and yes i was freezing in the theatre, but at least i brought along my jacket which was made useful :D WELL AT LEAST i was the only one freezing and not SOMEONE else hor hahahah :)
and yea im full very very very full thats about it

as purple as sab. hahahahaahah


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