Friday, June 15, 2007


hello ning smells like an ASHTRAY
my breath smells like an ash tray
my hair smells like an ash tray
my shirt smells like an ash tray
my pants smells like an ash tray
my bra smells like an ash tray

HAIYO hahahahah but herstory was a blast :D apart from being my first official clubbing experience im still a fresh 18 what haha. the other club i stepped in was indochine and it wasnt even an event so that was boring . but overall it was hellagudfun :D did see familiar faces. especially when you had seen their friendster or fridae profile( than you will go AYE I THINK IVE SEEN YOU BEFORE SOMEWHERE) haha.and ning was a good girl she only had 2 drinks last night.and i felt like sardines in a can when the whole bunch of us were on the dancefloor. could see everyone had their own share of fun la haha!.and ja was nice enough to bring us for dimsum and send all of us home. SO RESPONSIBLE :D haahaha. met couple new people too :D socialize social socialiseeeee socialiezinggngngngn :D


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