Thursday, June 07, 2007

i blog blog for butt butt today
i realised making new friends are one thing but keeping them is another, but of you get a best friend keep him/her to yourself cause its a UNCOMMON and priceless thing none the less :D
they stick with you through the years and much more to come.and the do a lot of stupid and random stuff ALL THE TIME. and laugh about it looking back. but the best thing of all, every single detail of a tight friendship is dearly remembered.

and oh ya! we day dream a lot about the future
1-will we be eff rich
2-wil we drive snazzy cars
3-go to ikea and start planning what will be in our apartment
4-discuss about cheesy pick up lines
5-talk about embarassing child hood stories and thinking I WAS DAMN STUPID haha
6-FORCE each other to download songs
7-Whine about ( LETS EAT KFC BUDDY MEAL OK) haha
8-call each other at ungodly hours
9-go all the way at 11 to meet her aft work and drag our lazy asses back home
10-threaten each other not to be late :D ha
11-scold each other and not talk to each other for the whole night but back to norm int he morn.
12-secretly hint to each other you want something real bad and wait till he/she gets it for you
13-share XTRA large coke light
14-eat sinful dinners and say DIE after that
15-and sing out loud and irritate each other

there are 15 things i do with my butt
15 out of the 4873828219191812727277238383983937827273838939393 things we do together

what can i say i do love my butt :D a lot
really cross my heart hope to die everything
so do follow my advice show your best fwen some love. cause as i said best fwens are hard to come by :) and im thankful of mine now( even though she gets tarty sometimes) hahaha


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