Wednesday, July 05, 2006

me back at blogging! ha today is a short day relatively short had history today, and saw some of my classmates doing their presentations. and to ardithi good job ok!! hahah. ok apparently next week is our turn and we are all freeking out!! hahahha but we will do well!! we better haha!. so i met yu oi today for lunch at little india had thosai with her!!! i miss her soooo much !! i mean reallie seriously a lot!!! she was so psyched !! its been ages since i ate thosai with her! so glad to see her again!so hope to see you again !! uve been missed haha!!!

cherine----- someones attached!!!! haha and i know who!!! haha tell me all the itsy teeny weeeny details ok!!!! love ya babes!! hahah take care

shihui------ hello why never call me out!!!! bumster!!!

alif------ hey alif . hope you are doing fine these few days ok?? remember we will get thru rough times.. and yes god bless to you too..

sha---- dont know wad ill do without u and the rest of the fstarkers.. thanks for all the support ok?? so appreciate it!!!

ok than ill update soon...

**** the 1000 watt smile i miss so much****


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