Sunday, July 23, 2006

hey all!!! my long absence from blogging has ended.. so sorry to all that my tag board was accidentaly deleted by me. but now its up again so start tagging.. ok lets see .. loads of homework to complete, loads loads and oile loads.. try desperately to finish everything by 2 weeks... can i do it?? YES I CAN!!! hahah ok so things to look forward too

1) NAFA day out at tanjong beach
2)15 month
3)for school to reopen hahaaha

ok first and foremost hope sharon is having fun in macau playing with her DAMN CUTE doggie hahaha. and sam nice shades!! and alif dont oversrtess during dance.. DRINK GATORADE it is scientifically proven to enhance your performance.. yaDAH DAH DUH!!! WAD only hahah.... but avoid red bull because of high sugar content hahah!!!

to my babefiedfanatstic rocks my flowerpowersocks miss cherine...................................................

. so hope you are doing fine!!!! hahah hopefully yur new partner in crime or simply BF is treating you right hahah.. trust he will !! hahaha remeber to call me out aft Os!!!!!

ok so my life has been preety boring so far hahah.. but had fun with my classmates and also to

shihwee:::: HELLO!!! YOU STILL REMEMBER ME YOUR RANDOM FRIEND?? YOU SEEM TO HAF TOTALLY FORGOTTEN ABOUT ME!!!!!! just to let you know i am still existing in this realm of life hahaha

and to special people team mates of chiherras.. we had a hell out of a good run at diva la futbol managed to enter quater finals with
1) NO COACH(mr pickle jar is fired!!)
4)With only 7 members compared to teams like vj who had 20!!

so to you soccerific gils out there thanks for the great time during all the matches and hope to meet up to play more football!!!

she brings out the best in me :))))


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