Sunday, July 30, 2006

ok im waiting for time to past.. apparently i woke up around 4 30 pm today and miss shihui called asking me to join mean and her for dinner , and for once my mom said go ahead without any further questions!! haha so THE FIRST TIME!! so 6 at WINTERRISE (sommerset) ok they want to go to v i lage .. nice place nice food!! haha. so do check it out. met mea first yesterday SHE WAS EARLIER THAN ME gasp** haha no la she comes on time too!!! had lunch at
NEW YORK NEW YORK the new restaurant at citylink mall, prices restaurant prices, food not as good as i expected namely the pasta was overdone, the tomato sauce too runy and meat balls tasteless.. mea agrees with these facts too! but overall it was ok.. nothing reallie special... met sh later that evening and she made me and mea wait for 1 and a half hour!! almost died!!!! N i won the bet !!! yay!! hahah!!! details with me! hahah haha IM the WINNER mean the LOSER haha!!! nice dinner nice people.. and nice supper (nicest in a looong time :))))) ) so its 5 now hafta go wash up and scoot down update soon .. god bless!

happy 1+2+3+4+5-2!!!! :))))))


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