Sunday, October 01, 2006

HELL OF A DAY ( title says it all)

had a really satisfying lunch which my kawainess shoe shoe decided to give me zel and mea a nice treat lover her to death!! ahah went to marketplace to OOOHH AND AHHH at the preety tomatoes and rushed to grab a cake and rushed dwon to yishun to wish FIFA a happy 17th birthday!! WE LOVE YOU FEEEE FAAA!!! haha . stoned all the wya back to town ( and realised MEA is a gamer) haha secret!! SHHHH!!!! haha went down to timbre to see ridge gig out.. real nice place.. but the music would be much nicer with the mics turned down a notch too defeaning for me.. saw some WANNABE rockers .. haha but ridge was the real deal . hah aand yea congrats on getting into the grand finals.. even though u guys did not want too?? hah!! so rushed all the way home on the train and realised the fucktard train did not stop at kovan so i graciously walked zel home haha .. crapped along the way and stuff.. and i thinl zel is still lusting over the UNKLEH we saw on the train!! ( snicker* snickrs!! )) evil evil lil me.. WORTHY IS THE LAMB!! haha its like 2 20 am .. don dare to sleep yet cos don wish to haf a beer belly from the pint i drank just now, hey at least i went for a run!! haha so now waiting to kill time. and for zel to sing me her new created song..!!! love u guys out there! HOLIDAYS for nafanators!! and also good luck for those whose taking their Os! cheerios everybody!!


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