Thursday, October 05, 2006


dieting is now all so essential to me be it a sinless scrambled egg white sandwhich to pan fried chicken breast with loads of vegetables . things i had to forgo spagetthi blognese my fav of all time and deep fried pork chops from cartell. but but . i still love swedish meatballs from ikea . sinful little bastards! and u see the pic with mea the SINFUL snickers which she was trying to tempt me to eat!!!mea u MEANY!! hahah! but its ok.. im strong!!! and WILLED ( but i ate onion rings ???? ) sinned?? but its ok!!!! headed down to the gym for a while with zel. work my lazy butt for a while . now i remembered ie yet to eat my daily servings of fruits ... i need green apples like right now... im having a green appl fit!!! hopefully i can get all my effing flabbs of my body .. getting there good things have to wait just like aged whisky hahah?? so those out there who wants to go to the gym or just plainly work out do call me along!!and why is my hand breaking out into a rash?? blink* blink* no clue ok .. chanoees pples

zel:hopefully u get everything sorted out real soon yea?
cherine: hoiz!!!! tell me the details of the NIGHT out to the fish company thingy hahah!! miss u loads!!!

u and u only : i cant get over you no matter what i tell myself.


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