Friday, January 19, 2007

HEY PPLE PPLE PPLE!! first and foremost HI YU QI i met you at last for thosai! i love thosai! well been an OKAY day, i ate my fruits and greens,ran my run,met my butt. ya

well.. met butt for like 3 days in a row with mea, and all 3 days we just make a fool of ourself haha and 2 headed snake gang is POWER hahah like wtf :)

well poor butt's guppy died and she snashed it . so sad i tell you suicidal guppy so scary! i cant wait to go back to school did i say that?? yea i did! and CHERINE YOUR COMP have to cork uP!! hahahah like ARGHHHH!! haha well glad its back to its old self :)! well im so bored my arms is aching a little from gym yesterday haha but i know butt is like going to crack!!! as in my BUTTY zel not my butt ass butt .. ok im confused hmmmmm

well i miss f*starkers so cant wait to see them really! and i need new burms and also WHERES ADELINA?? i dont see you online anymore please!!
and nadia primary one alreadies ar you!!! study hard you MONITRESS fake one please hahah and their pe t shirt like some fred perry t shirt like OLD SKOOL!
lastly ( IM A SIZE M NOW!!!! ARGH!! YAY!! WOOTS !!****) :)

hanabi buffet tommoro 38 bucks crap so expensive no dinner for me too :)

you:ill give up now, thanks for loving me but it wasnt meant to be


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