Saturday, June 03, 2006

im soooooooooooooooooooooo psyched up !!! hahha cos school IN!!!! hahaha im so harpie! that i can at last get off my lazy arsed bum to actually do something constructive! thank god for NAFA . well bought new colouring pencils cause the last colour pencils i had was in sec 1 haha PATHETIC well miss shihui aka fimbo decided to spomsor me sketching pencils ill give her credit for that hahah THANKS AR!! hahah buy u some food soon hahah.

Miss cherine you having boy crisis? hha ahhaha pooor pooor you well i cant do anything to help can i??? haha so i shall read you a sentence to make you feel better (erhmmmmm .. clears throat) a poem kind of that reflects how you feel know)

ish metz thishh guyzz fromm SSS
whose had a veryx nicesh S (ass)
i thinks ofe himees lotz lotz WORX
ands i missh himz lotz morex
1314 3344
wor wor wor

(control control try not to laugh)
(awkward silence)
sorry cherine i crap so ooo much !!!!
well hope this brings some sanity to your life !!!!
yay me! hahahahahhahahah

welll then i need to go clean my ears update soon then!

chao amigos

(amore )


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