Wednesday, February 28, 2007

lets make this short sweet and simple

1-i went bowling
2-i cooked for 100 peopls
3-i cooked dinner
4-i cam whored in class

its the period where i get my pre assesment jitters . late nights and eye bags awaits . bangs head**

ill mia myself soon :D to hibernate with ASSasments
i love you all bunnies in lollipops and gum drops fields

ill update soon i promise :)

cherine:good luck for drawing test!!
zel:i pray for you to get into nafa! soo much!
shawang,adi,alif: you guys make going to school too fun we can pull through assesments :)

i need a tan BAD. i feel like a negro and white at the same time due to OVER contrasting skin colors :(... and ade scoffed at my ivory SICKLY looking inner thighs WHINES**** i want to switch to xanga soon :D cause as i say blogspots a biatch KICKS BLOGSPOT**

slowly but surely ill get to know you better, i hope, i wish, i want too really :)


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