Friday, February 16, 2007

i know my absence from blogging has been OH SO LONG (but blogspots been a biatch) kicks blogspot**

hahah cherine was alaso complaining about blog spot!! hahah

1- happy 18th birthday butt butt :) you happy person glad you like the present haha and sorry for any fights or quarrels we ever had :) love you so much can haha

2- happy 19th birthday to meifeng :) . as i said you are a workaholic. work work work work.. dont over stress ar! haha bak chor mee please? haha take care :) this is in yellow cause mf is a yellow banananananananan

3-happy BELATED V day to all :)

ok photo time!! weee!

so ASSesments are like rolling and rolling and rolling in so pray hard i can submit all on time!!
like 3 weeks oh OH SO TORMENTING assesments aint fun man trust me on that hahah but its ok after ASSesments , 4 month holiday, learn how to drive and its YEAR 2 for me !! :)
cherine drawing test ar !! hahahah u can do it ! :) hahah i will lend u my magical pencils hah!
and butt get into nafa I COMMAND YOU! hahha
this weeks been full of ups and downs . was emoing butt too , was so stressed up with homework ha but the UPS is..

my photograph submitted for UNCOVER AUSTRALIA photo contest managed to get short listed !! top 40 baby!! WEEE!!! so do go down to chinatown point(what a place) and check it out! from the 9th of march -18 of march 10th of march apparently is the prize ceremony . ha please ok?? thanks for more information go to !! if i win i can go to down under :) please god bless my photograph ! please please please!!

so today is chinese new year eve eve. so excited !!( screams in joy) ha daddy is collecting
1- roast pork
2-roast barbie pork
3-roast chicken
4-roast duck

(why must be all roasted ar) good question hmmm

ahahha so SINFUL LUNCH AND DINNER AWAITS ME ! evil evil evil chinese new year !!
well HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR TO ALL gong xi fa cai!

gong xii gong xii
gong xiiii ni YAAAA

oh ya sharon! safe travels back to macau! see you soon!!!! :)
and to all that has recieved yer resukts good job people for surviving secondary school hahah !

and to cherine and isma THERE I UPDATED! haha


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