Sunday, February 18, 2007

1- its chinese new year no school
2- im too free
3- ASSesments are closing in i doubt i will have time to do much blogging haha

so CHINESE new year day 2
i ate . and ate
and ate
and ate
and ate
and ate

like whats new for chinese new year sigh....
so went to granny place yest. afternoon to have MEEEE SUAAA ( thats the rave now man)
but cooking it aint easy man ! as in she had to cook for like 50 people? so i helped out!!! claps** claps**** ok than let me show u how its done :)

all you need is (dont worry simple steps)

1- extrememly huge stove
2-mee sua
3-special sauce ( i think you need penguin eggs for it )
4- and one grandmother hahaha

its a bowl of heaven, comforting :D maybe because granny cooked it for all of us i love granny hahhahah!!!

and i had my yu shang! sinful i know but it taste too good man ! hahahaha
i have to do accounts for my ang pows!!

ang pow POWER :) happy holidays people !!
NEW FACT OF THE DAY FROM CHERINE - penguins lives in fridges hmmm hahha


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