Wednesday, February 21, 2007

topic of the day smoking(screw this) pros and cons of smoking PROS sad to say there isnt any good about it
CONS (let the fun begin) 1- it reeks
2-all i picture is a wrinkled old man when i think of ciggies
3- its expensive while people who are broke somehow affords it

4-its nicotine( and road tar) unlike vitamins that sctually do good for your body
5-it causes, brain tumors,lung cancers,brain cancers

6-give mother earth a break shes working hard enough stop polluting the air
7-IT SUPPOSEDLY CALMS PEOPLE but that doesnt solve problems at all
8- its addictive u smoke you buy you smoke you buy you smoke you buy. at this rate roll up your money and smoke them instead at least it doesnt kill you
9-ITS BANNED FOR PEOPLE UNDER 18 year of age( its national law) get fines if you wish 10-it affects people around you with second hand smoke ( they will actually suffer more than you do)
11-if social smoking means smoking 6 sticks, than go get yourself a cigar and settle for one
12-caused death in a long term and those who say I ONLY SOCIAL SMOKE death from smoking starts with social smoking mind you

13- my grandfather died of exccesive smoking go figure

stop smoking for once do something which actually dont harm your body talk about social smoking please

respect. show a little respect R.E.S.P.E.C.T


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