Sunday, December 10, 2006

the photos i have are like so untidy i know haha, well update update update people. what a week eh been so so busy had my ups and downs but glad everything will be alright soon enough. happy birthday to me cous nanapok 6 years old already ar!!! (p.s she knows how to spell aristocratic) i cant even spell my name hahah! . well i do :) and staying in the hotel was soooo much fun! hahaha had like steamboat 2 days in a row one for poks birthday the other for sharon and adi house warming. ate soo much too much actually! but it was so fun being with my family and friends! especially when we were sitting on the floor pigging out! and thanks to alifs sister for loaning us the KAWAAAIS princess plastic sheet!! cute can :)) hahah! and thanks to sharon for helping with the buying of food and marinating! and alif for the purchase of the other food OH SNAP we forgot to eat the apples! hhahaha ! well its ok la. im too full anyways! and mr takajo was craving for gelato so we trumped down to gardens for a quickie ice haha! oh yea did i say sideks bisecps are WAAAOOHH!! alif you must catch up with him ar! haha ya and sidek happy POLICEING!!! hope you enjoyed todays dinner also! and sha wang i will drop by your place like so often !! to do my work :)) cause the cursed tracing my face thingy was killing me ! haha! well thanks again for all who came for todays steamboat. appreciate you guys so much! LOVE ALL CAN!!!! well than aedious i feel like puking!

zel:love you much. i do care but sometimes its just tough for me too.


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