Sunday, December 31, 2006

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!2007!!

to all my peeps out there happy new year and merry kissmass to all ive missed out! love you all! thanks to everyone for attending my barbies and dinners! :)))) appreciate lots! new years party only janna,momo and cal made it for my steak dinner. the cow was effing HUGE like bigger than my palm! phew its crazy! haha but they all finished every single morsel of it :)) and to the 3 aunties!! for inviting me to stay at the hyatt and to amai for the wonderful dinner at the brazillian restaurant at 6th avenue!! and hmm who else. to cal,janna,momo,sam for the kissmass prezzies! love u all babies!! and dad for sponsoring dinner !!
so lets see new year resoultions: LOSE 10 KG more .. 17 down 10 to go

get rich
get dip.soon
get laid(yea right)
get love :)))

ok than HAPPY neww year gain.. may the future as bright as snoop doggie dogs bling .. :)


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