Friday, December 08, 2006

its been a effing depressing day for me, early morning,rush hour,crap breakfast,fucking sinful fastfood,tiring lessons .

you have no idea how effed up sad i was . you could have told me the truth at least it wouldnt hurt that much. i was choking back just trying not to tear, i had to go , swift through the crowds with steps,but all i could feel was my heart hardening and i was choking real bad, teared i had, even faster as my steps, it hurt so much inside when i was thinking about what you have told me. all i ever asked from you was to take care of yourself,but nicotine you wish. i walked around aimlessly for 2 hours before deciding to go home. the rain fell i just kept walking. when i said it did not affect me at all it was tearing me up inside, once i turned my back towards you. a hurt that ive never experience in a long time. a hurt that i rather take.

what could i have done i was just a friend . only a friend i shouldnt ask much anyways. its your life i shouldnt be bothering you . problems i might have and trying my best to solve it is not working . i should start smoking . apparently it seems to help .

fuck. my fucking mind.


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