Friday, December 01, 2006

ok ok ALL OF YOU STOP complaining for me not updating. cause school work has begun its merciless pace of catching its like friday nightand for now I WILL blog for a while!ok first and foremost messages.. ( NINGS MAIL)

1)Takajo:at last your haircut! my eyes wont bleed anymore! muahahah!! and congrats on 2nd place finish for your dance dance !! hahah and i look forward to more soya bean and sandwiches with you!!

2)sharon: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHARON!!! i promise a steamboat for your house warming party! and i so cant wait and thank you so so much for your help with my school work i truly appreciate it :)

3)Cherine:oh gosh im sorry havent been taggin on your blog in a while. my bad really! hahah barbie soon please ok? you take care and have much fun!

4)Mea:hey glad you had fun with my camera! please show me ALL the pictures soon!! and you must love your lomo also! cause i also want to play with it! hahah remember LOMO=LOVE!!

5)ZEL:i hate you . but i love you more la hahah!! and STOP complaining that im not blogging ar!If not i wont talk to you anymore..and the cookie since you dont want it ill just give it to someone who does than.and nxt time your keys don forget. cause i don wan to walk all the way from school to marina square again. :)

ok so the week beens quite fine, except for the money i used for school stuff which is really starting to get outof hand!!! well MY SHOE SHOE SHOOJOON BOUGHT ME THE NEW I POD SHUFFLE!! so happy can!! hahaha i was like shocked when she offered to buy it for me! haha its like small , cute , shiny and new :))) i heartzzzzzz it lotxxxx!!! worx!!!( that was intentional) no more bulky looking i pod mini woots!! and today is sharon birthday!!! HAPPY 19th!! SHA WAAAANNNGGGG!!! we all LOVE YOU MUCHIES!!! heres to your and our future! which is going to be all so bright! please adi and the rest move in soon!! so i can just pop by to irritate you guys! well, truly glad to all my classmates for making my day always, haha with SHUSHI AND SHUSHO hahah! we still have our equal share of fun! and one point i want to clarify to zel. is HOEGARDEN taste so much better than tiger! hahah ok ok thats about it really. and i want to cook more chicken stew for my aunt and 2 little cussies cause the hearts it!

things to go soon
1)steak dinner
2)barbeque at my place
3)steamboat at shawang and adi crib
4)complete all due assignments
5)get my all so eye candyfied blue long sleeved shirt
6)hair cut
7)new shoes!!

i will try my very best to update regularly! and to all graduated sec 4 from pss! ITS TIME TO PARRRTTTTYYY!! :) ryn-please take care of yourself ;) call me if u need me


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