Monday, July 16, 2007

kick blogger****
such an ass wipe i must say
its taking the whole damn it day to load ( till the point i gave up uploading photos)
ok quickie people

ubin was fun except i FLEW off the bike
football was okay except we had to meet a dick on the roads
shopping was great cause ningmon bought HEN DUO HEN DUO dong xi

and im growing back to my fat self ( fark)
im falling ill ( and i really mean VERY VERY ILL)
i just guzzled 3 cups of liang teh that is giving me the hunch that it wouldnt have any POSITIVE effect on my beat up throat, and oh yes a migrane yes comign on and lets see
my muscle is aching out of the blue, im having blurred vision right now shoot me people

and oh fark

we ran out of panadol

how great :(


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