Friday, August 04, 2006

TIME CHECK 10:19 , usually i wont be tired but today im BEAT!!! like seriously beat and im also meeting shannon for basketball tommoro haha hopefully i dont faint and DIE!! hahah not that bad i hope.. ok today was a ADVENTURE FILLED DAY!!!! starting with i had to wake up hell early to go to SENTOSA for nafa sports day!!! weather was soooo HOT!! think it fried my corneas cause i cant see cleaely, think it fried my brains cause i cant seem to think properly.. hah aok anyways. had fun with my fellow nafanators, played a lil beach soccer and vball.. thats abt it actually haha but fun nevertheless. and we officially met alif's friend fifa, nice name hahah! I LIKE!! hahah ..

and the best thing i absolutely loved today is the nice freezing cold shower i took after a day out in the sun!! it was (SPEECHLESS) WAOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! i so love water now!! haha ok ok ...!! chillness..
. and Mr. Alif had a sudden craving for ice kachang! so i had my MAngoooo ice kachang .. where i gladly gave away my atapche! hahah evil creatures!!! seriously!!

i met my dar(a.ka miss adelina lam)!! haahahwent on an impromptu dinner and movie date! haha watched (THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS) reminds me of alif's ringtone.. hahah!! and they were saying (in japanese kawainess accent) ( READIEEE!! STARTO!!! GO!!) it was hilarious la!! haha but nevertheless it was a above average movie so car junkies go ahead and catch it!! ok i so want to sleep now..

will post pics soon!!! (watch out for bryan boy inspired pics) WOOTS!!! blog soon promise cross my heart.



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