Friday, September 29, 2006

hello all!!! its been like almost 2 weeks since ive last updated due to the mad rush of final assesments. its friday now. and im all so glad to say IM FREEE !!! not for long but for 36 days! cos its my beloved holidays! things has been really hectic these week, which includes countless sleepless nights, hard work and loads of sweats. and phone calls to each other. first and formost to all my beloved f*ckers CONGRATS in all passes! we have all deserved it! and to the rest of 1t good job people!!! so let me show case all my final assesmetns to you all!
( and also an UNGLAM picture of my work space!!)

zel: PLEASE take care of my bf !! haha if not ill not buy u anymore lychee tongue!

cherine: MISS U !!!! hahaha!!!! MEEEt up!! SOON!! argh!!!

ade: good luck for the competition be safe!! ;))


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