Saturday, August 23, 2008

i am
trying to 
type out a tree
hmmmm let me try to
do a christmas tree
ok let me see i think it is fun
to attempt to type out a tree because
the previous lay out of
the weekend randomessss
the post kinda resembles a tree so i think
it would be hilarious to type out a tree well i hope
it does actually look like a tree, and i also hope no one reads
what u have typed out for the tree because now I am really running out 
of things to write so I am just typing senseless to create my tree
ok so since this is a christmas tree I'll sing Jingle bells,Jingle bell Jingle bell
ay jingle jingle jingle and i feel like eating now
oh now i ger
to type
out the
bark hah
ok let me
see how
long is 
the bark 
to be hmm
i do hope
its long


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