Tuesday, July 22, 2008

this is getting so hard
i don't even feel anything right now
i walked for 4 hours straight 
the toes starts to cramp
i stared into space for the entire day
i don't even want to speak
i walked into starbucks
i ordered a cappuccino 
after rejecting  an iced vanilla latte
i smile as though nothing is wrong
i still feel like im in a dream
i still question myself why?
thinking back , i wonder what did i do or not do
maybe you think i did not want it badly enough
maybe i wasnt good enough for you
or perhaps bad timing
or you never thought of me at all
either way this is taking so much more out of me 
compared to all the previous.
i have no idea how long will this take
or how am i going to overcome this
i may seem  strong like a man, the great wall 
but i am only human
i have emotions 
don't play with it 
and to those who is planning to put me down
please i tell you not too
just give me a break 
im too tired 

amie come sit on my wall and read me the story of O
tell it like you still believe that the end of the century
brings a change for you and me


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