Thursday, May 08, 2008

kitty kitty kat
kat im a kitty kat and i dance dance dance

Well its a nice thursday night
and them assesments are pretty much over haha 
well last day tommorow 
but i am pretty much done 
cheers to that 

okkkkkkkkkk lets me sees
for the holidays ive got 2 task 
well from Jing
one- To hold a pair of chopsticks the correct way 
two-to actually learn how to type the correct way which means typing with 2 hands 
and to be able to touch type 
try my best i shall
okay i am still contemplating wether to club 

to club or not to club?
And orange and mango smoothie is really hen hao to drink. :D
and yes did i say SHIP tommorow
woooo eggcited many man!y!


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