Sunday, May 04, 2008

i was on the bus home
and i took the time to reflect on my year so far.
well its been a rather boring year well SO FAR
ups and downs
loving myself more
learning how to take pride in my work.
past mistakes
late nights in school
dinner fro disneyland.
poster connection.
print print print
subs with sharon
GERMY BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!( cutest thing ever)
fruit juice and sweet potatoes
almost spending every single day at school
with Jing Sharon and Adi

oh well since assesments are almost over Let me just say:

For Jing A.KA tjioe kee eng., ken lee, Ng boo xi, Ah Ng,Winged bean 
my god jing you have TONS of nicknames
well You is good
i think I have the best times in life (and meals) with you(even though 3 quaters of the time we are nonsensical and dont make sense)
but its what keeps us alive la
XOXO -soso

i love you hen duo hen duo
for waiting with me to queue at ATM, buying dinner for me
stake out at printing shops. being the well A LITTLE saner one among us.
and keeping me so UNEMO most of the time
hugs youuuu

my bollywood. hahaha
what can i say . the life the life
even though you really dont make sense aft the third line
but , you keep me on track by checking on my progress all the time haha

WELL in conclusion many hugs going out to those 3 , as they really make this world a better place. And for me to look forward going to school everyday.cause we are 2gther forever and never to part.

and those people who are still floating on. School is not easy. IF you don't bother coming to school, you are for one wasting time and secondly wasting money. Well maybe if people just imagine what our dear parents have to go through to chalk up another huge sum of money for you to retain or retake, they would actually strt being serious. Well on the other hand, they aren't the one paying. YEs sad to say its true that we are studying now to pay for our bills in the near future. Thus if you are going to live off your mother till your 40 , then don't come to school. If not suck it up and start paying a little more attention to your future. Even if it means not having any relationship or BF or GF or laogong or LAOpo. They wont take you in when your broke and unsuccessful , please learn how to face reality.Oh btw i really think its shameless if you get someone else's work and passing it off as yours. And never ever take advantage of a good friend. They are meant to be cherished and not used like that. Think about it , what can i say i am not pissed I am just utterly disappointed. And don't assume we don't care. It is just not fair to us. Cause the world is like that 

OK i am off to admire the germy boy on my laptop bye :)


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