Friday, November 23, 2007

I just got off skypy skypy with zel
been so long since i had a heart to heart talk with her
i thank the marvels of technology
as per usual i have been complaining to her about my life
my life hasn't been all that great i am sure
the only thing great is school
king sha and adi who keep me sane
knowing zel is a happy bunny
and of course liking she so much indeeed
i don't know why its just a liking that i cannot shake off
guess only zel knows why
its just that ( secret ingredient in a good dish that the store owner will never disclose on national teevee)
but either ways, seriously speaking i don't know what im doing
wether right or wrong should i? should not? and yes its very true i take things too safe
i follow the rule book to tight, guess secondary school tamed me REALLY well
and yes if i do hear you feel the same way as I do , ill be the harppiest person ever
and yes whatever I do i never regret liking someone, and i havent liked someone SO the VERY MUCH in such a long run

so how how how?
seriously i don't even plan on telling she anytime soon
and what wait till someone whisk her away right?
ill be so

sad, yes sad
and i'm supposed to be a happy person right?
yes happy
tryiiing ttoooo beee happpppyyyy ( GRINS FORCEFULLY)


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