Friday, November 23, 2007

the girlfriend and I
stop feeding me donuts i know they are nice
stop feeding me ( shoves donuts into mouth)

munch munch ( in agony)
so we had a looooong walk from suntec all the way back to town
and thanks for accompanying me to collect my standard chartered run pack (:
i was finding a hairband cause i threw my blu one into the washing machine and it suffered the same fate as the
double sided tape,so find find find no single hairband in PS.

me-do you have a hairband at home say blue or black
gf-ya have but no blue or black
me-okay then wad colour
me-why are the colours so gay!???

me-ok fine the yellow one
gf-but its a wavy hairband
me-EWWW no thank you red then.

ok now i still have to see you in a while to run
and so we took 1 hour to complete our 8.POINT something

spot the very gay and very red hairband *********


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