Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm glad i met my butt just now with her girlfy
somehow zel makes me feel better, ive been going through so much angst
I'm falling sick, yet somehow or another i just ended up walking home in the rain
i don't know why, i don't feel me anymore. im angsty im jumpy
and most of the time im so tired.I cant do my work cant sleep well cant do anything
don't love me please don't
im not worth it, i dont want to drag this matter further,
i cannot deny the fact idid love you
i still do as a friend, purely as friends, im trying so hard to love you more then a friend
but i don't want to decieve you i don't want to lie to myself.
It's not fair for you and me
I know i wouldn't be ready anytime soon
please don't wait
there are other out there so much ready and more willing
I trust someone else will love you so much better
now it is not about him its me. only me time has really taken its toll on me
yes its true ive gotten used to loving you as a friend

I'm behind my work schedule by so much
I do not want to drop behind
i need a good night sleep, just one night of good sleep
I don't want to be thinking so hard and wearing my brains out before bed
its tiring very tiring.
please don't give me anymore time.
It was a hard and long process making this descision but i know i cannot drag this any further
It's killing me inside too much.i feel so stressed out.

i need my time alone for now


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